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0chain 0chain (ZCN)
0Chain aims to decentralize cloud storage. It reportedly offers a cheaper, faster, and more secure storage than traditional cloud with continuous blockchain-verified data protection
Coin/Token 2019-06-05 N/A 0
0x 0x (ZRX)
0x (ZRX) is an open-source protocol that provides smart contract infrastructure and liquidity to enable the peer-to-peer exchange of tokens on the Ethereum blockchain
Coin/Token 2019-06-12 100% 1
0xBitcoin 0xBitcoin (0XBTC)
0xBitcoin (0xBTC) is a mineable ERC20 token that operates on the Ethereum platform
Coin/Token 2019-06-04 N/A 0
12Ships 12Ships (TSHP)
12Ships (TSHP) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the Ethereum platform
Coin/Token 2019-08-26 N/A 0
DEX aggregator with the best prices on the market
Exchanges 2020-03-05 N/A 0
1Million Token 1Million Token (1MT)
1MILLION TOKEN was created to facilitate trading on exchanges and international P2P transactions in the crypto economy
Coin/Token 2019-08-26 N/A 0
1SG 1SG (1SG)
1SG seeks to facilitate transactions by pegging one 1SG token to one Singapore dollar
Coin/Token 2019-08-26 N/A 0
1World 1World (1WO)
1World (1WO) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the Ethereum platform
Coin/Token 2019-06-04 N/A 0
1X2 Coin 1X2 Coin (1X2)
1X2 Coin (1X2) aims to become a cryptocurrency that is accepted in crypto sportsbooks as a payment option
Coin/Token 2019-08-26 N/A 0
2Acoin 2Acoin (ARMS)
2nd Amendment Freedom
Coin/Token 2019-06-05 N/A 0
2GiveCoin 2GiveCoin (2GIVE)
2GIVE is the blockchain based social tipping platform supporting charitable giving doing good one bit at a time!
Coin/Token 2019-06-04 N/A 0
2key 2key (2KEY)
2key is a Social Economic Network with a new link at heart - one that pays you back for paying it forward
Coin/Token 2020-01-15 88% 2
2key Network 2key Network
Turn any link into a SmartLink that tracks, records and rewards every interaction
DApps 2020-03-10 N/A 0
2X2 2X2 (2X2)
2X2 is a #PoS #cryptocurrency with plain and simple #staking rewards plan. Earn 1% daily accrued staking interest despite the #crypto market fluctuations!
Coin/Token 2019-10-22 N/A 0
300 token 300 token (300)
Website:  Forum: …
Coin/Token 2019-06-05 N/A 0
300cubits 300cubits (TEU)
Bitcoin for shipping
Coin/Token 2019-08-26 N/A 0
365Cash 365Cash
One of the oldest instant exchange services in Eastern Europe since 2015
Exchanges 2020-03-09 N/A 0
4 Minute Crypto Show 4 Minute Crypto Show
Daily crypto news and reviews in 4 minutes or less
Media 2020-03-18 N/A 0
404Coin 404Coin (404)
High interest rate ProofofStake cryptocurrency. Staking Rewards - 404% per year (1,1% / day). Solo and pool staking
Coin/Token 2019-06-05 N/A 0
42 Coin 42 Coin (42)
42 - The Life, the Universe, and Everything...
Coin/Token 2019-06-05 N/A 0
4Hiphop 4Hiphop (HIPHOP)
Coin/Token 2019-08-26 N/A 0
4New 4New (KWATT)
4NEW (KWATT) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the Ethereum platform
Coin/Token 2019-08-26 N/A 0
4xBit 4xBit (4XB)
A brand new 4xBit #Cryptocurrency that houses excellent investment & ROI possibilities for passive investors looking to make a quick profit in the crypto market
Coin/Token 2019-08-26 N/A 0
502 Bad Gateway Token 502 Bad Gateway Token (Z502)
A token created for the investors, by the investors.  #Z502
Coin/Token 2019-08-26 N/A 0
777.Bingo 777.Bingo (777)
The World's First Blockchain Pan Entertainment Platform
Coin/Token 2019-08-26 N/A 0
7Eleven aims to make digital currencies more accessible to more people across the borders and increase the value of digital currencies
Coin/Token 2019-08-26 N/A 0
808TA Token 808TA Token (808TA)
Coin/Token 2019-08-26 N/A 0
8X8 Protocol 8X8 Protocol (EXE)
8X8 PROTOCOL Project has been designed by ISOFT PARTNERS N.V
Coin/Token 2019-10-22 N/A 0
999 999 (999)
999 coin aims to offer a payment platform linking PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and American express to allow users to transact with online shops and exchanges
Coin/Token 2019-12-01 N/A 0
99Masternodes 99Masternodes (NMN)
follow followback airdrop bounty bitcoin Bitcointalk Bitcoin Ethereum Blockchain ICO Bounty Airdrop BTC ETH MNO btc cryptocurrencies Marketing
Coin/Token 2019-08-26 N/A 0
9coin 9coin
Diversified trading experience from cell phone to PC
Exchanges 2020-04-08 N/A 0
Ø Union Revolution Ø Union Revolution (OUR)
OurCoin is a PoS Cryptocurrency. Join Our discord Here 
Coin/Token 2019-09-01 N/A 0
Aave Aave
Open source and non-custodial protocol to earn interest on deposits & borrow assets
DeFi 2020-03-11 N/A 0
The world's first digital asset exchange powered by LSEG Technology
Exchanges 2020-04-08 N/A 0
Leading Singapore based exchange that offers secure and intuitive trading experience for both retail and institutional investors
Exchanges 2020-04-08 N/A 0
ABCC Token ABCC Token (AT)
ABCC Token (AT) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the Ethereum platform
Coin/Token 2019-06-05 N/A 0
Abitshadow Token Abitshadow Token (ABST)
Abitshadow Token (ABST) aims to build a virtual reality ecosystem based on blockchain technology to connect virtual reality content, creators and users
Coin/Token 2019-08-26 N/A 0
ABLE X Token ABLE X Token (ABLX)
ABLE: The New Era of Crypto Finance. For more information, visit our website : 
Coin/Token 2019-08-26 N/A 0
Coin/Token 2019-08-26 N/A 0
Abra Abra
Mobile app for buying, selling, storing, and investing in cryptocurrencies
Wallets 2020-01-01 N/A 0
Absolute Coin Absolute Coin (ABS)
Absolute (ABS) is the first Proof of View (PoV) cryptocurrency supporting Advertising, Promotions and Events on our Blockchain
Coin/Token 2019-06-04 N/A 0
AC3 AC3 (AC3)
AC3 (AC3) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the ICON platform. AC3 has a current supply of 550,000,000 with 491,008,311
Coin/Token 2019-12-31 75% 1
ACA Token ACA Token (ACA)
ACA Network is a blockchain-based marketing platform that allows merchants and affiliates to interact directly without Online advertising agency and ensures smart contract Advertising System deals
Coin/Token 2019-06-04 N/A 0
Academy Token Academy Token (ACAD)
Helping solve the talent shortage crisis in the blockchain industry through education and professional development.
Coin/Token 2019-08-26 N/A 0
Accointing Accointing
Connecting Crypto: Track, Manage, and Report all Your Crypto Platforms in One Place
Tools/Utilities 2020-01-17 100% 3
Accolade Accolade (ACCO)
Acco Coin | High Proof of Stake Masternodes | I2P Integration | Stealth Addresses | Global Crypto Rewards
Coin/Token 2019-06-04 N/A 0
Accord Accord (ARD)
Shit people say that makes literally no sense. It's always funny, or I'm a goose.
Coin/Token 2019-08-26 N/A 0
Aced Aced (ACED)
AceD (ACED) is a cryptocurrency. AceD has a current supply of 11,888,002
Coin/Token 2019-08-26 N/A 0
ACEPAY is a Digital Asset based Decentralized Currency Token. Backed by Waves Block-chain Technology It is open source and supports fastest payment facility.
Coin/Token 2019-08-26 N/A 0
Achain Achain (ACT)
Achain (ACT) is a cryptocurrency. Achain has a current supply of 1,000,000,000 with 962,958,739
Coin/Token 2020-04-02 N/A 0

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