Community Guidelines:

The goal of CryptoCanary is to provide crypto enthusiasts a place to research, discuss, and discover various projects and entities via user-generated content.

In order to deliver on this mission, it's vital that the site offers users with legitimate reviews spotlighting both good and bad crypto projects.

It's equally important users feel their opinions are welcomed and valued.

With this in mind, we ask that everyone in the CryptoCanary community adhere to the following guidelines:

First, reviews should be original, high-quality, cleary written, and free of disinformation. Reviews should include as much supporting detail as possible and offer examples to back up assertions.

Reviews that reek of spam, shilling, brigading, or appear to duplicate the work of others will be deleted.

Here's an example of a low quality review that would likely be deleted:
"ABC coin is my favorite coin, I have followed it for a while now. I love the project and the team. It will go to the moon for sure!"

An example of a better review would be (notice the specific details included):
"I have been following the ABC coin project since early 2017. The team has PhDs from Harvard and their new consensus algorithm solves the scalability problem brilliantly. I'm also a big fan of their token issuance via airdrop and how they only did a 10% premine. Very fair in my opinion!"

Secondly, CryptoCanary has a zero tolerance for any content that encourages violence, hate, belittlement, personal attacks, or general toxicity.

By using CryptoCanary, you confirm your agreement to these terms and conditions.

Content or materials violating these terms will be removed from the site and the author will be notified. Repeat offenders may be permanently banned from contributing to CryptoCanary.

Because we are a community, the onus of conduct enforcement is a community effort. We would greatly appreciate if you could report any violations to

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