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Live Coin Watch

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Live crypto prices, charts, and portfolio management tools

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Live Coin Watch

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avatar bullish 70

bullish posted on January 08, 2020 14:51:07

Live Coin Watch is a great coin prices and market cap website. In fact, I believe it is #2 after CoinMarketCap in visitors (I may be wrong though). I like its gorgeous and simple interface a lot. In my opinion, it's easier to use and has a better UI/UX than CMC. Unfortunately CMC has the 1st to market advantage so it's pretty much second nature for users to visit there first when they want

avatar carelb 7

carelb posted on January 03, 2020 13:18:47

This is one of my favorite crypto price data providers. As a Community Liaison for Artis Turba, I have come to know Live Coin Watch in early 2018 and to date the have all the major exchanges and coins listed. @CarelBosh

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