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The Birb Nest The Birb Nest
A massive community platform delivering trading education and content
Other N/A 0
Steem Engine Tools Steem Engine Tools
A set of tools to expand the functionality of the Steem-Engine platform
Tools/Utilities N/A 0
TravelFeed TravelFeed
Write about your journey, meet others and get rewarded for it - a traveler's platform
DApps N/A 0
Monolith Monolith
Ethereum-based non-custodial bank replacement with a Visa debit card
Wallet N/A 0
Steem Engine Steem Engine
Platform that empowers anyone to quickly & easily build on the Steem blockchain
Tools/Utilities 100% 1
Splinterlands Splinterlands
Collectible trading card & battle game built on blockchain (formerly Steem Monsters)
Games 100% 8
Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange built on first principles
Exchange N/A 0
changelly changelly
Non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchange with 150+ digital assets
Exchange 100% 1
Account-less crypto exchanger - simple, fast and private
Exchange N/A 0
ChangeNOW ChangeNOW
Non-custodial service created for simple and fast cryptocurrency exchanges
Exchange N/A 0
Bloxlive.TV Bloxlive.TV
The world's first crypto and blockchain news network streaming around the clock
Media 100% 1
Instars Instars
Trustless, decentralized market research network for the masses
Other 100% 1
Blockonomi Blockonomi
A blog about cryptocurrencies, technology and the blockchain economy
Media N/A 0
Atomic Wallet Atomic Wallet
Secure, exchange and buy over 300 coins and tokens in a single interface
Wallet N/A 0
Coinomi Coinomi
The oldest multi-chain, cross-platform wallet for Bitcoin & altcoins, with millions of users
Wallet 100% 1
Genesis Mining Genesis Mining
The leading cloud mining provider for Bitcoin and altcoins
Mining/Staking 50% 1
MyCointainer MyCointainer
An EU regulated managed staking & masternode platform for 40+ coins
Mining/Staking 97% 43
The Cryptonomist The Cryptonomist
The latest news about crypto, fintech, blockchain and trading
Media N/A 0
BeInCrypto BeInCrypto
News website focused on crypto technology, privacy, fintech, and the Internet.
Media N/A 0
Blockonomics Blockonomics
A decentralized and permissionless Bitcoin payment solution
Payments N/A 0
Decrypt Decrypt
A daily news site covering all things crypto and the advent of the decentralized web
Media N/A 0
SafeKey SafeKey
First U2F FIDO device, featuring SSDP tech for compatibility with Safe Haven's inheritance platform
Tools/Utilities 100% 3
ThorBlock ThorBlock
1st decentralized charity and fundraising platform on VeChainThor
Tools/Utilities 95% 5
Accointing Accointing
Crypto portfolio management platform with simple tax reports
Tools/Utilities 100% 3
Sludgefeed Sludgefeed
Independent crypto, tech, and gaming news
Media N/A 0
Bingbon Bingbon
Leveraged CFD trading for the most popular crypto coins & copy trading features
Exchange N/A 0
CryptoCompare CryptoCompare
Global cryptocurrency market data provider with a robust API
Tools/Utilities N/A 0
coinpaprika coinpaprika
Crypto research platform that provides comprehensive info about many crypto projects
Tools/Utilities 100% 1
Fuse Studio Fuse Studio
Anyone can launch a community and integrate a token into it (no tech skills required)
DApps N/A 0
TokenTax TokenTax
Crypto tax software tool and a crypto tax accounting firm
Tools/Utilities 100% 1
Bitstamp Bitstamp
World's longest-standing cryptocurrency exchange
Exchange N/A 0
Full featured crypto-crypto exchange with a unique trading engine
Exchange 100% 1
DoubleUp DoubleUp
Tool that increases your crypto balances by trading only crypto-crypto pairs
Tools/Utilities 100% 1
NOWPayments NOWPayments
Easy way to accept crypto payments with a native integration or a widget
Payments 100% 1
CoinGecko CoinGecko
Crypto market data as well as developer activity, community growth, and other useful metrics
Tools/Utilities 94% 4
Crypto Jobs List Crypto Jobs List
Find and post jobs in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry
Other 100% 2
Into The Abyss Into The Abyss
Podcast about true stories from the crypto & hacking underground.
Media 100% 1
CoinTracker CoinTracker
Calculate Bitcoin taxes and track your crypto portfolio
Tools/Utilities N/A 0
Mobile wallet with a digital currency exchange in the Philippines
Wallet 100% 1
TokenSquare TokenSquare
Curated blockchain and crypto news, media, jobs and opportunities
Media N/A 0
Travala Travala
Book hotels and accommodations worldwide using AVA or other cryptocurrencies
Other N/A 0
Live, 24/7, TV news channel dedicated to blockchain and crypto news
Media N/A 0
Roll Roll
Mint branded digital tokens unique to your online presense
Tools/Utilities 100% 1
Plutus Plutus
Manage, convert and spend your digital currencies in an easy-to-use app
Payments N/A 0
Bitwave Bitwave
Complete solution suite for businesses that interact with crypto.
Tools/Utilities 100% 1
Brave Rewards Brave Rewards
Earn BAT for browsing and support your favorite content creators
DApps 95% 5
TradingView TradingView
The preferred charting tool for Bitcoin and crypto traders
Tools/Utilities 88% 2
Crypto Miner Tips Crypto Miner Tips
Tutorials and posts on how to mine cryptocurrencies
Mining/Staking 100% 1
Nakamoto Nakamoto
Technical, philosophical, and cultural writing covering topics related to crypto
Media 38% 2
OpenSea OpenSea
A p2p marketplace for crypto collectibles such as NFTs
DApps N/A 0
Artis Turba Artis Turba
Exchange to buy cryptocurrencies with South African Rand (ZAR)
Exchange N/A 0
Blockd Blockd
Prevent hackers from stealing your coins via Replace-by-Fee protocol
Tools/Utilities N/A 0
StackOfStake StackOfStake
Shared masternode service powered by the SCRIV network
Mining/Staking 100% 1
PoolTogether PoolTogether
Weekly game where 1 person wins interest accrued from the pool of Dai
DeFi N/A 0
Coldcard Wallet Coldcard Wallet
Ultra-secure Bitcoin-only hardware wallet
Wallet 100% 1
UptimeSV UptimeSV
Distributed and crowdsourced network uptime monitoring
Tools/Utilities N/A 0
Abra Abra
Mobile app for buying, selling, storing, and investing in cryptocurrencies
Wallet N/A 0
CryptoZombies CryptoZombies
Solidity tutorial and Ethereum blockchain programming course
Other N/A 0
TonicPow TonicPow
Turn any link to an affiliate link for social monetization
Tools/Utilities 100% 1
HandCash HandCash
The flagship mobile wallet for Bitcoin SV
Wallet 100% 3
Tornado Cash Tornado Cash
Non-custodial anonymous transactions on Ethereum
DeFi N/A 0
iTrustCapital iTrustCapital
Low cost Bitcoin IRA trading and investing platform
Other N/A 0
CryptoBriefing CryptoBriefing
Crypto and blockchain news and research
Media N/A 0
Woobull Charts Woobull Charts
Bitcoin and altcoin advanced charts and metrics for investors
Tools/Utilities 100% 1
The Block The Block
Leading research, analysis and news brand in the crypto space
Media 75% 1
Nuo Nuo
Non-custodial way to lend, borrow, or margin trade crypto
DeFi N/A 0
Gods Unchained Gods Unchained
Free to play digital trading card game built on Ethereum
Games N/A 0
Argent Argent
Smart wallet for Ethereum cryptocurrencies and apps
Wallet N/A 0
New cryptocurrency exchange with IEO and airdrop support
Exchange N/A 0
Shrimpy Shrimpy
Automated crypto trading & portfolio management
Tools/Utilities 100% 2
Electrum Electrum
Popular and powerful Bitcoin wallet, available since 2011
Wallet N/A 0
Blockfolio Blockfolio
Popular crypto portfolio tracker mobile app
Tools/Utilities N/A 0
Snowball App Snowball App
Easiest way to invest in crypto portfolios for the masses
Tools/Utilities N/A 0
Casa Node Casa Node
Easy to use full Bitcoin and Lightning node
Tools/Utilities N/A 0
Live Coin Watch Live Coin Watch
Live crypto prices, charts, and portfolio management tools
Tools/Utilities 88% 2
Trezor Trezor
Hardware wallet to secure your coins
Wallet 100% 2
Helium Helium
Earn crypto for providing wireless coverage for IoT devices
Other N/A 0
Cointelegraph Cointelegraph
Bitcoin, Ethereum, and blockchain news
Media 75% 1
CryptoKitties CryptoKitties
Collect and breed unique digital cats
Games N/A 0
DLive DLive
Livestream on the blockchain, powered by Lino
DApps N/A 0
Unstoppable Domains Unstoppable Domains
Replace cryptocurrency addresses with a human readable name
Other N/A 0
Poloniex Poloniex
Crypto exchange supporting 60+ coins since 2014
Exchange N/A 0
Uptrennd Uptrennd
Get rewarded via tokens for your social media activity
DApps 94% 8
CoinMarketCap CoinMarketCap
Track market caps and prices of coins and tokens
Tools/Utilities 75% 1
Personal Tokens Personal Tokens
Platform for verifying and tokenizing yourself
DApps 100% 1
Landemic Landemic
Blockchain-powered, property collectibles game
Games N/A 0
MetaMask MetaMask
Ethereum wallet and Dapp browser as a browser extension
Wallet 75% 1
BlockFi BlockFi
Interest-earning crypto accounts with borrow and trading features
DeFi N/A 0
Celsius Network Celsius Network
Earn interest on your crypto and borrow against it as well
DeFi N/A 0
Wasabi Wallet Wasabi Wallet
Privacy focused Bitcoin wallet using CoinJoin
Wallet N/A 0
CoinPayments CoinPayments
Accept crypto easily as an online merchant
Payments 100% 1
ShapeShift ShapeShift
Trade 50+ coins in a non-custodial manner
Exchange N/A 0
Decentralized content and publishing platform owned by its users
DApps 79% 6
DTube DTube
Decentralized video platform built on Steem and IPFS
DApps N/A 0
CryptoPanic CryptoPanic
Crypto news aggregator platform for traders and enthusiasts
Media 100% 1
Yubikey Yubikey
Protect your coins with hardware 2FA security keys
Other 100% 1
Grow Your Base Grow Your Base
Earn tokens for helping out digital asset projects
Other 75% 1
Pei Pei
Automatic cashback in Bitcoin or cash
Tools/Utilities N/A 0
Ledger Nano Ledger Nano
Safeguard your crypto with this popular hardware wallet
Wallet 100% 4
Cash App Cash App
Money transfer app that supports buying/selling Bitcoin too
Exchange 100% 1
Exodus Exodus
Beginner-friendly mobile & desktop wallet supporting 100+ coins
Wallet 100% 1
CryptoTrader.Tax CryptoTrader.Tax
Affordable crypto taxes calculator software
Tools/Utilities N/A 0
Coinbase Coinbase
Top crypto exchange in the U.S. and 30+ other countries
Exchange 100% 1
Bitcoin For Beginners Bitcoin For Beginners
YouTube channel breaking down Bitcoin/crypto for beginners
Media 100% 1
Coinmine One Coinmine One
At home crypto miner with Lightning and DeFi integrations
Mining/Staking 50% 1
Twetch Twetch
A twitter interface powered by Bitcoin SV
DApps 88% 2
HodlBot HodlBot
Automated portfolio rebalancing bot for crypto traders
Tools/Utilities 100% 1
Kong Kong
Physical cash notes that have crypto locked inside of them
Payments 100% 2
Satoshi's Games Satoshi's Games
Lightning-integrated web games that let you earn satoshis
Games N/A 0
Lolli Lolli
Earn Bitcoin rewards when you shop online
Tools/Utilities N/A 0
Pepo Pepo
Short video clips showcasing people in the crypto world
DApps 100% 1
Coin360 Coin360
Beautiful crypto prices heat map and market cap visualization
Tools/Utilities 100% 1
Evercoin Evercoin
Mobile wallet & exchange with built-in Yubikey support
Wallet N/A 0
Zeus Zeus
Titanium plate to back up your wallet seed phrase
Other N/A 0
MCO Visa Card MCO Visa Card
Debit card to spend your crypto anywhere Visa is accepted.
Payments 100% 3

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