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avatar Crypto Anonymous 184 rated: June 12, 2019 22:54:04

This must be one of the most legit ERC20 token protocol projects out there. The team is developing a protocol that can be used for launching decentralized exchanges in the Ethereum blockchain. Working product that already has already processed large sums of money. Disclosure: i do not own any ZRX at time of writing this nor have I plans in the short term to purchase any either. Real team, real project, real product with real innovation, fundamental to the DeFi (decentralized finance) eco system. The 0x protocol could eventually work on the backend of universal wallets to exchange any token into any other token for Dapp access without a user even knowing what is happening under the hood in a token economy where 1000s of Dapps have their own utility/access token. This is just 1 aspect of the entire project that I wanted to highlight.

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General information:

Price (USD):$ 0.233814
Percent change (24H):-2.61 %
Percent change (1H):-0.29 %
Market Cap (USD):$ 126,152,883.62
Twitter Followers:N/A
Facebook Followers:N/A
GitHub Stars:N/A

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