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I don't know a lot about this project because I honestly don't care! But the fact that this is apparently shillers' wet dream, I will have to assume that it employs shady marketing tactics to create artificial hype and demand for this shitcoin. By default I don't trust any coin that is being shilled too much!

avatar Dr. Doom 169 rated: December 16, 2018 23:02:17

I haven't followed Zilliqa that much, but I have heard people talking about for a while, and I hear positive stuff. Crypto Lark made a review saying it's a high potential project to follow.

General information:

avatar Idyilere 11 rated: January 30, 2019 16:49:49
Price (USD):$ 0.018930
Percent change (24H):-8.16 %
Percent change (1H):-0.94 %
Market Cap (USD):$ 147,280,813.66

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