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Wow just came across this project that had an ICO in the deepest part of the bear market but was still able to sell their tokens and also get quite a bit of appreciation since then. This project is similar to ICON, Wanchain, Polkadot, Cosmos, etc. -- it has to do with blockchain "interoperability" -- making all the different blockchains work together. They are based in the UK and seem to have a legit and strong team. I don't know if we need so many different interoperability projects though, we need some killer dapps first. That said I think this project is legit, not shady at all.

avatar stellarowl12 180 rated: February 04, 2019 22:44:25

I read the previous review and I kinda agree with most of that to be honest! My natural caution makes me a bit nervous about those speculative gains, but of course I could be wrong and there is some real value anyway. I would like to see some results on the interoperability front because indeed so many are already doing that. Because of this me too character of the project I am going to deduct a few points, really wanna see some real results from any of these types of projects first before I believe any of these aren't just money grabs.

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avatar Dr. Doom 169 rated: February 05, 2019 08:13:13
Price (USD):$ 2.50
Percent change (24H):-1.80 %
Percent change (1H):0.47 %
Market Cap (USD):$ 0.00

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