Restart Energy (MWAT)

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Restart Energy (MWAT) - Reviews & Ratings

Honestly, eventhough I did not thoroughly researched this project, from the outside it looks pretty legit and innovative. A member of the European Parliament is an adviser and one of the interesting things is that with the tokens you can acquire a franchise which makes the token holder an energy company. This way one can earn extra money in that business opportunity. I think for anyone interested in blockchain/cryptocurrency in the energy market this is certainly a project that is worth further investigation, if this project really takes off, the token could potentially be a real gem, considering its relative low valuation, but beware the extreme low volume.

General information:

avatar Dr. Doom 169 rated: February 15, 2019 10:29:49
Price (USD):$ 0.015043
Percent change (24H):8.59 %
Percent change (1H):2.62 %
Market Cap (USD):$ 6,810,595.19

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