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avatar bmt01 15 rated: February 08, 2019 17:43:57

Website, features and progress so far look great but when you look a bit deeper and notice all the publicity, drama and sheer amount of shilling on social media you have to be a little suspicious. It isnt organic. It that settles down it may be something ill get into, for now im staying away

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avatar Dr. Doom 209 rated: February 07, 2019 08:24:22

John McAfee seems to be the living red flag of Crypto! And this seems to be no exception! Cheap copycat of NXT and I am even wondering if NXT itself is a viable investment, let alone its cheap copycat. To be fair, I don't know all the ins and outs of this project (which is why I won't be too hard in my rating), but like already mentioned: McAfee's involvement is all you need to know lol!

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avatar Jason T. 109 rated: February 06, 2019 16:58:55

I like John McAfee since he's a libertarian, but I wouldn't touch anything he supports or is involved in, in the cryptocurrency world. He's the chairman of Apollo and has been shilling this heavily. Also recently they have been accused of orchestrating a huge Pump & Dump even in this heavy bear market. There are way better and more legitimate projects working on privacy. Finally, they forked Nxt coin to make Apollo.

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