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tingker posted on October 11, 2019 12:25:06

Great fan of the team especially Heidi/Chen whom I met in San Jose at a conference a couple years ago. I like their mission in terms of bringing power back to the content creators and their fans. Their website is quality and they've certainly put a lot of thought into their project.

BST, their token, also recently was released and launched at Binance's DEX after a short stint trying to do an IEO.

My only qualm about this project is that they are focused on their other business much more than trying to get adoption for their Boosto project. If they had more funding, or was able to raise a full token sale, then they might have been able to expand their team and focus fully on the Boosto vision. Unfortunately that seems to have been tabled for now since the crypto markets are still not as popping as it was a couple years ago.

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