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avatar stellarowl12 182 rated: April 11, 2019 23:40:14

This is definitely a huge scam that's plaguing newbies mostly OUTSIDE of the crypto world. This is like Bitconnect or Onecoin - getting people around the world via email chains or social media posts. It has all the classic elements of a ponzi scheme - binary trading, 14% weekly returns (yeah right), and a MLM referral type structure. Please everyone if you read this DO NOT throw your hard earned money into this scam. They've already been investigated and chased by authorities around the world as well, just look it up on Google. 


avatar Dr. Doom 200 rated: April 09, 2019 06:06:08

Already exit scammed ponzi pyramid! Some magical binary option trader (binary options is huge red flag), Steven Twain, that would produce 14% weekly profits for investors (unrealistic profits: giant red flag #2) and they operated a pyramid scheme promotion plan of up to 5 levels (Multi Level Marketing / pyramid selling = red flag #3). Site is down, people can' withdraw funds anymore. Confirmed scam, full stop!


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