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avatar Chriss 22
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Chriss posted on October 29, 2019 16:18:37

I don't like Brave/BAT at all, they have fake airdrops, and have misleading ads.

They say "download Brave and you will receive $5 equivalent in BAT"...or not!!!

This famous 5$ offer, we can't keep for ourselves, we have to give them to content creators, so Brave and BAT are useless imo.

avatar Dr. Doom 262
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Dr. Doom posted on October 02, 2019 20:30:55

Legit team with real experts and I have confidence in Brendan Eich to deliver an excellent technology product. Brave browser has definitely been one of the most successful products made by an ICO project that has gained much adoption even outside crypto insiders. Adoption of BAT token is still a challenge, but their approach seems to be working to get as well content creators signed up as well as users donating to content creators. If it is going to be enough to get people to generate demand for the token and put real money into it (beyond the free tokens they give away), seems also challenging, bc the ERC20 token hasn't anything innovative in and out of itself. Another problem they might be facing is the SEC, because their ICO looks like they might be deemed a security's offering, which could result in some legal issues.

I do think BAT is one of the better, more serious ICO projects with tangible progress in real world products and adoption prospects; I have however more faith in the future of the browser than in the actual success of BAT token, as it is not clear to me where the buyer side incentive for this token would come from, and then the other risks that are associated with the token's prior ICO.

Also, despite the browser being positioned as a privacy focused and more efficient/faster browser, it still needs more development and performance improvements (still buggy sometimes), and don't rely on it for perfect privacy (also personal settings and user behavior could very much affect the actual achieved privacy; users should inform themselves about the real capabilities and weak points, which of course is ever changing along the way).

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mistergrin posted on October 02, 2019 15:27:04

So everyone knows that Advertising is broken and traditional banner ads and pop-up ads are dead. We just skip right over them and our mind subconsciously blocks them when we view a website. That's where BAT/Brave come in.

Basic Attention Token (BAT) sits at the middle of a new attention economy, properly aligning incentives for advertisers, publishers, and users like you and I. Basically publishers of content can get a portion of the ad revenue by integrating their site with the Brave/BAT ecosystem. Users opt in to seeing ads and they earn BAT from doing so. Finally, advertisers get much better ROI out of this system since ads are opt in (and I believe they have better information for targeting purposes too). Another really cool feature is that users can turn on Brave rewards in their Brave browser and then tip their favorite content creators with BAT tokens.

Their team is also top notch. Led by Brendan Eich (inventor of Javascript), this team has top notch talent and a stellar track record. They have been able to grow adoption for their Brave browser massively. Now their next big challenge is to get more and more people to opt-in to their BAT ecosystem.

I have full faith in them to lead the way in crypto mass adoption since their Brave browser and BAT rewards are actually things that I use daily (unlike some of the other crypto-related products/services out there).


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