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avatar Dr. Doom 195 rated: June 06, 2019 20:29:56

The only coin that you should hold on to and be careful not to lose in scams or by speculating/trading in shitcoins, like the many that are listed on this website. Do not get fooled by people that say that Bitcoin is slow, old fashioned or lagging development, because it is supposed to be that way in order to become the globally accepted hard money standard. It is the most secure store of value that anyone should have some of under their personal control (private keys), not only for speculation but also for the small but present danger of any type of catastrophic event that could hurt the normal financial system. Bitcoin is the only digital censorship resistant, permissionless, borderless, secure, unconfiscatable, gold-like store of value. Whatever other cryptocurrencies are doing has little or nothing to do with the purpose and position of Bitcoin, so it is pointless in comparing them with bitcoin. Be very very responsible with the bitcoin you have and make sure it is the major part of your crypto portfolio IF you decide to speculate on alts as well.


avatar lampedius 13 rated: June 06, 2019 07:28:11

this is the #1 coin that everybody else try to copy to profit of its noble name. this is the currency of the future. invest now and you cant go wrong. it is a store of value rather than a coin to daytrade with. I recomend you to buy and hold for long term.


avatar stellarowl12 180 rated: June 05, 2019 22:44:41

Bitcoin, the granddaddy of them all. The most resilient crypto coin and also the one best suited to be hard money.

It is both a store of value and a means of exchange at the same time. Right now the store of value part is the stronger point, but with 2nd layer solutions like Lightning Network, it will be super easy and fast to transfer Bitcoin like electronic cash as well.

This is probably the only project with an anonymous founder that is still legit (Satoshi Nakamoto - no, not Craig Wright).

Bitcoin spawned a ton of copycats, probably all of them you should steer clear from and just stick with the original - the only censorship resistant, hard money in the world.


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