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avatar Gestcoin 10 rated: April 23, 2019 04:24:59

We must remember that here what is pursued is the search for scams and not the disagreements with ideals or aims of the project, it is evident that the people who form BCH do not intend to cheat.

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avatar 38mSRnyzBSXYkaGH4rVCKsnva 12 rated: February 08, 2019 11:13:01

Tbh I just wanted to add my rating and not leave a review: Please add this feature: BCH, SV, and any other fork of BTC that pretends to be BTC is not BTC.

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avatar Crypto Anonymous 186 rated: October 17, 2018 05:30:26

I agree with the previous review. I do believe that the majority of people behind Bitcoin Cash are not intentionally trying to scam people because they genuinely believe that BCH represents real Bitcoin. They have of course the right to believe that. Problem is indeed if they use shady tactics to convince newbies that bitcoin cash is the real bitcoin and trick them into buying. So in this case I would highly recommend: buyer beware!! And do a ton of research on both coins (BTC and BCH) to form your own opinion about both coins.

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avatar stellarowl12 186 rated: October 16, 2018 19:18:07

Bitcoin Cash in and of itself isn't that bad but they have a lot of bad actors surrounding it. For example, Roger Ver often tries to convince newbies that Bitcoin Cash is actually the "Real Bitcoin" and many people end up buying a Bitcoin that they did not mean to in the first place. On top of that BCH happened due to a hard fork which is a pretty nuclear option in the eyes of many old school crypto proponents.

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Price (USD):$ 315.48
Market Cap (USD):$ 5,653,874,464.81
24h Volume:$ 834,662,211.84

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