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avatar anon48 13 rated: February 10, 2019 04:44:43

Everytime Richard is asked why do we need HEX or what is it used for, or what problem does it solve, he comes up blank, has no answer and tells the asker you don't understand game theory. This coin smells like a scam, walks like a scam and looks like a scam. I think Richard has been destroyed by the bear market and is now trying to print his own scam token to make a shit load of money. Problem is I don't think Richard has quite worked out how alts actually make money THEY NEED THE BACKING OF BINANCE or they are dead. Richards pockets aren't deep enough to pay Binance to list his shit token. So HEX is dead before it even began. Don't be giving out your bitcoin details to claim this garbage no use coin.

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avatar GlennHeartland 14 rated: February 09, 2019 23:04:59

This is another shot coin that’s been built for pure profits. I had a look into the trans background and it looks like a pump and dump waiting to happen. I wouldn’t touch this one.

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avatar Jason T. 109 rated: February 05, 2019 12:21:36

Incredibly shady. Richard Heart used to hate on all altcoins with a superior smugness about him. And now he's created his own, ladies and gentlemen. Stay far away and don't give his tokenized version of Bitcoin any attention.

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avatar Fiat Daily 109 rated: January 29, 2019 20:55:35

I thought this guy Richard Heart was supposed to be a bitcoin maximalist type of guy. And now disappointing with creating his own coin that doesn't seem to have any underlying or fundamental or any technological value. This shitcoin has nothing whatsoever to do with bitcoin and better be avoided.

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avatar stellarowl12 188 rated: January 29, 2019 11:20:39

This is Richard Heart's shitcoin if you don't know him, just look him up on YouTube... also the basic gist of this is to give all Bitcoin holders an airdrop as an ERC20 token. But if you don't claim your BHX then they go into an unclaimed pool which gets distributed over time to all HODLers. Heart says that all the unclaimed ones like Satoshis or Mt. Gox funds wont be dumped on people in his coin. Sounds to me like he wants to dump on ppl with his own new coin...

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