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avatar Crypto Anonymous 186 rated: June 04, 2019 18:27:11

Yet another cryptocurrency project that claims to be better than bitcoin. It is also a privacy coin, that is using tech from Cryptonote. They did not do an ICO and one of the co founders wrote a post saying that he was particularly disappointed in a project that according to his description has to be Electroneum. That aside they claim to be better than all the ICO's by not doing an ICO, however, they did a 10% pre mine, which is most definitely a red flag according to general crypto standards. They claim to be developing several projects around the Bloc currency, but it seems many of those are already late in road map delivery. Then I will quote a couple of posts from different profiles on their bitcointalk channel that seems to coincide with the observation:

"Do NOT expect much. It's just a turtlecoin fork ,but with 10% pre-mined for dump."
"is the project dead?"
"looks like it is dead."

Github only shows recent tiny activity last month, with all prior activity stopping at 6 months ago. It would very much surprise me if this project turns out not to be dead after all, but, hey, anything is possible in crypto! For the time being I will pass on the "opportunity".

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avatar mntsp 5 rated: May 22, 2019 13:47:03

I've been a member of the community since the beginning. If marketing starts, BLOC will grow. The roadmap is very good and progressing well. I see very bright future of Bloc.Money. I recommend this coin.

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