Brave Frontier Heroes

Brave Frontier Heroes

 88% - 4 reviews

Popular RPG “Brave Frontier” meets with top blockchain game “My Crypto Heroes” 

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Brave Frontier Heroes

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Metho3xate posted on February 08, 2020 16:44:53

One of the better crypto games I’ve played, invested a lot so far, about 25 ETH, but I have high hopes for this!

So much potential along with an amazing dev team who interacts with its players on a daily basis, just epic! :-)


Zerocrane posted on February 08, 2020 16:46:29

Sure, this game isn't perfect. It definitely isn't for the type of gamer looking for absolute adrenaline rush, engaging second after second in fast-paced, skill-oriented action against a gigantic dragon boss. Brave Frontier Heroes is a casual RPG game with retro-graphics. It is meant to be a representation of older game titles like those of Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger. To tell you the truth,

avatar pedak 2

pedak posted on February 06, 2020 11:14:28

Another good casual game. It doesn't get too hard but it's fun to play for reducing my stress after getting off work.

Gameplay is very easy but fun, you just click and the character will automatically attack the enemy. No need for hardcore skill to play this game.


thanhtl927 posted on February 04, 2020 10:52:22

Has a lot of potential. Needs tweaks for a faster gameplay experience. Visuals needs improvement and maybe add a few cutscenes here and there. Loading time between sections of game is very noticeable.

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