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avatar Dr. Doom 205 rated: June 12, 2019 22:15:05

Exchange token for the Dutch hybrid decentralized exchange Blockport. The exchange aimed to be the Coinbase of DEX's. Key feature was that users keep control of their own private keys. Unfortunately the exchange had to go into stealth development mode, due to lack of funds and users to continue operations, allegedly because the CEO didn't secure part of the Ether from the ICO funds into fiat, which made them loose a lot of the value of their funding due to bear market and crash of Ether value. The CEO gave the same advice to another ICO project of which he was adviser.

Because the exchange closed shop, of course the price of the token tanked horribly. Currently there are whispers of the exchange preparing a re-launch after all. Personally I am reasonably confident that the team is acting in good faith, however there might be some competence concerns. If the exchange indeed relaunches, there might still be a token speculators' confidence issue that needs to be restored.

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General information:

Price (USD):$ 0.005744
Percent change (24H):11.24 %
Percent change (1H):2.24 %
Market Cap (USD):$ 303,669.78
Twitter Followers:N/A
Facebook Followers:N/A
GitHub Stars:N/A

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