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avatar knackrooter 3 rated: March 25, 2019 00:26:29

Amazing platform to distribute earning of valuable feedback among their contributors. It is a really nice usecase of blockchain technology. Nobody can manipulate the review/rate given to any service which is even possible with centralized review platforms but not with decentralized Bravo platform. It is an open source backend blockchain forked from Steemit. I'm also running witness (knackroot) to mine Bravo and included in top 21 by the community. 


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avatar Chrisschar 3 rated: March 24, 2019 14:39:28

This app is great! It’s the best place to read and write reviews. Best part is, when you review stuff you get rewarded! I find myself using this app more than other review apps because it’s not just restaurants!

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avatar Crypto Anonymous 188 rated: March 23, 2019 23:11:46

I wish there was a whitepaper to explain why a restaurant review site needs censorship resistance? Maybe this website has great utility and if they are really good they might take on the competition with Tripadvisor or Yelp, but I don't see any usecase for the cryptocurrency attached to it, other than reward points that you get on many community/forum/review sites (including cryptocanary). So where why would anyone want to buy this coin? how does a coin holder benefit from the success of the service? These questions are hard to answer because the project doesn't provide transaparency about the project's eco system and the role of its coin. We don't even know anything about supply, distribution, inflation, etc. Not even a blockexplorer. Is there even a blockchain or is it just a regular database on a centralized server? No apparent fund raising and virtually no one can buy the token anyway, so small change anyone would be able to lose money by investing in this, because that would require quite an effort (at least for now until they get listed on more mainstream exchanges)

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avatar Luke B 19 rated: March 23, 2019 06:55:45

Great site and great utility! public team too plus its decentralized with a real utility as plenty of people like leaving reviews on their experiences so can see this being very popular! 

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avatar Jeff Kirdeikis 16 rated: March 22, 2019 22:45:22

Transparent and a strong utility. Can see them being a competitor for Tripadvisor. Thumbs up for the Bravocoin movement.

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avatar SunnyDaze 4 rated: March 22, 2019 17:02:20

Love this project!  I was giving away my reviews for free before to Yelp, TripAdvisor, IMDB, etc, but now I can actually get rewarded and paid for them!  Been using it for a couple of months, saw their launch at World Crypto Con in Vegas and met them at their booth.  Stand up team!  It’s a really cool app, all the people questioning it should just download it and try it out!  This is the type of easy to use app and use case we need to get more people into crypto.  Even my wife, who has never used crypto before is using the app and getting bravo!

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avatar Dr. Doom 209 rated: March 22, 2019 05:25:00

Although the website might be useful and is apparently a working product, I do still wonder about the cryptocurrency usecase for the Yelp on the blockchain. Other than that: no whitepaper, no information about coin supply metrics, coin distribution, I cannot find an explorer for this coin. Furthermore........for this coin to gain any value, there need to be people that want to BUY this coin too, so why would anyone want to buy this coin? So if anyone is considering to actually buy this coin, buyer beware and ask the hard questions! 

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avatar Holdthedoor18 4 rated: March 21, 2019 08:02:15

The site is pretty awesome , get a little bit of Bravo each time you reviewed a place you been to. The UI is very user friendly and sleek. The coin is starting to get listed on some exchange so the coins are definitely worth gathering and reviewing at this point 

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avatar ClareC 4 rated: March 21, 2019 06:48:27

I’ve been using BravoCoin for about 1 week , have written reviews , read reviews and received Bravo rewards for my reviews . I’m in Perth Western Australia & planning a trip to Pennsylvania USA soon so this app has been amazing for finding out info on hotels, restaurants, attractions & services in Pennsylvania that I previously was jumping onto multiple websites to find . This app has it all on the one app. I see great potential with this app as the Bravo Coin community grows , I have recommended it to friends & family who have now joined. 

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avatar Crypto Bear 50 rated: March 21, 2019 05:36:02

Based on Steem and also a DPOS consensus algorithm. Is actually a blockchain version of Yelp. The question is: why does a review site needs to be protected by a blockchain, why does it need to be censorship resistant, which on the website is clearly stated as one of the advantages of the platform? However no explanation given for why that is. And speaking of such: where is the whitepaper or any other form of information that will better explain this project and the coin's purpose, because that doesn't seem to exist? Nice to give away the money that you created yourself out of thin air, but what gives the coin value? We can't really determine that, without knowing the basic mechanics behind the project and the tokenomics. 

They did not do an ICO and for as far as I can tell, no pre mine or anything, so that is all positive, but we would need to know what's in it for the team, how are they gonna benefit from this project? Many questions unanswered, so at this point I will just have to assume that this project might have noble goals, but they are essentially a Yelp competitor trying to force blockchain and a coin into the project in order to seem innovative somehow. And of course, having free money to hand out can be quite convenient too. 

I can't confidently identify if they are purposefully misleading or scamming investors or not, so I will give them some benefit of the doubt.

NB: please be aware that there are even shadier Bravocoin offerings floating around, notably one on So be careful, because those are completely different projects and like I said maybe a lot more shady.

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avatar bravocoin 20 rated: March 20, 2019 17:43:06

BravoCoin is a blockchain-based consumer review platform with its own token called BRAVO that pays its community for writing and rating reviews of restaurants, hotels, service providers, coin, exchanges, dApps and more. 

BravoCoin utilizes a modified version of Steem’s "Proof-of-Brain" algorithm that distributes token-based rewards to encourage users and contributors to create and curate unique reviews.  Tokens are awarded automatically to members with the best community validated content.

All reviews, posts, comments, votes on the Bravo blockchain are immutable.

Bravo runs a dPOS (delegated Proof of Stake) based consensus system and rewards stake holders with increased voting power.  Increased voting power allows users to earn more BRAVO for their reviews, comments, and votes.

Bravo is primarily a location based mobile platform and currently available now for both iOS and Android.

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