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From 2041
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On September 07, 2019 20:55:50 From 2041 said:

I have been following the blockchain and crypto space since 2017 and Cardano has remained my top coin for which I see the most long term potential in. They take a long term approach, making sure the core technology and principles are sound as it's developing.

The team building Cardano (IOHK) is very transparent and open about what they're doing, for example:
- Their entire code base is open source and peer reviewed, they've taken a scientific approach to development and have over 40 academic papers published to date.
- Control and development of the project is currently divided up into 3 independent organisations; IOHK, The Cardano Foundation & Emurgo. So if there are any organisational issues arise the entire project isn't at risk.
- They have a clear road map about what they're doing
- The founder Charles Hoskinson holds regular AMA's on his youtube channel, which other project has a leader which does this?
- Lastly, once Cardano is completed and the core techology is built, ongoing governance, control and development will be completely decentralized and in the hands of the owners of the currency (ADA).

If you're looking for a cryptocurrency that's built from the ground up the right way, Cardano is it. Just don't expect things to happen overnight, they're not the kind of project to cut corners to get progress and results sooner. If successful, Cardano could one day be the backbone of the worlds economy, so not something you want to rush.

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