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avatar Crypto Bear 50 rated: April 02, 2019 05:22:01

Oh yes, this very much looks like your 13 in a dozen scam coin. I looked in their Telegram and indeed no admins, people shilling and calling it out as a scam. Not sure how many people have actually invested in this, but doesn't look like they will see their money back. This project should be used as a showcase example for newbies so they see what type of projects to avoid!

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avatar Fiat Daily 109 rated: March 30, 2019 03:51:18

So here is another gem scam: Cardonio! Did they choose that name to be similar to the more reputable project Cardano? Who knows. It seems like this project is already abandoned: no admins active in their tg group chat, no more announcements in announcement channel, Twitter quiet since Oct 2018. The website shows that Phase One of the ICO is still active, while according to the timeline they should already be in the final phase (or even concluded)

The scam is another cryptocurrency credit cards offering, which is a red flag in and out of itself, and this doesn't seem different. Blatantly show cards with VISA logo. Cards should be dispatched already according to the roadmap; anyone received his cards already?

Website shows how the ICO price increases each phase from $0.02 till final phase $0.80. This is to let unsophisticated investors believe that the actual token price increases by this much for the investor, on the one hand to create urgency that they will have to buy before the price increases and to falsely make the illusion of price appreciation, while the price is set by the company....the market price will be a whole different story.

And of course this is just a standard ERC20 token (no development after employment in Aug 2018) with no further (innovative or represented) value nor utility. 

Another warning: apparently they also require KYC if you want to buy tokens on their website, but they are being accused to be selling your KYC data, so please do not provide them with your sensitive data!! 

The "buy tokens" form also includes a field "sponsor" which smells like pyramid-style affiliate marketing (another red flag), because that term is used in that industry to describe the person who "introduced" the new participant for reward payouts. 

The team does not seem to be active on this project anymore, however it seems you can still buy their tokens, so they will accept your money and personal data. But I don't think you will even get your worthless+useless tokens! 

Stay far far away from this one too!

Here another article for more details that also supports my opinion:

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