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avatar Crypto Anonymous 171 rated: February 19, 2019 07:00:50

I am going to second the previous review, however I am going to double down on it by giving it a tier worse rating because I just read that ClearPoll will be part of the JOHN MCAFEE 2020 presidential campaign!!! Yes, you did read that right! What a way to spend your ICO funds/tokens! They say it is to gain exposure for ClearPoll token through the presidential campaign, but I have serious reservations around this whole idea! Or am i being too suspicious?


avatar Jason T. 107 rated: February 17, 2019 20:39:29

Look, they did deliver their project and it is operational. So I won't rate it any worst than Shady for now. However their founders "left" the project and are now only advisors. They wrote on a Medium post that they did what they set out to do - create the platform - and now they'll hand over marketing/growth to someone else. Now they are doing another ICO - ESO. Screams money grab to me tbh. Sure they delivered the product but there can be a ton more improvements and different phases of the roadmap. Also price of the coin shot up and then pretty much went to $0 now. Maybe that's the real reason they are moving on.


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