Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin SV (BSV)

 50% - 16 reviews
Bitcoin fork which restores the features of the original bitcoin protocol and enables unlimited sized blocks
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$ 3.5 B
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avatar paulendsinl 48 rated:

paulendsinl posted on August 27, 2020 02:37:19

The original Bitcoin code can Scale and would be the most valuable Cryptocurrency if it wasn’t being suppressed by Blockstream and exchanges, BTC is actually a fork of Bitcoin SV if u understand protocol Names vs ticker symbols , it can do millions of transactions per second and will be a coin worth holding as a hedge as it could surprise everyone if it gets smart contracts and tokenization working,

avatar bungabunga 30 rated:

bungabunga posted on August 26, 2020 14:39:55

Scam coin made by scammer man Craig I get on stage and scam you long time Wright;

avatar Vodietsche 34 rated:

Vodietsche posted on August 26, 2020 14:30:55

This is pretty much one of the worst projects in crypto. Founded by a pathological liar. Big blocks for the sake of it. This is a very bad way to scale a blockchain. Period. Ethereum already has ZKSync, ZKSnarks & optimistic roll-ups. The huge block direction leads to more centralization and issues with downloading a full node. Which would matter greatly if this shitcoin had any adoption. But it doesn't

avatar bdempsey 15 rated:

bdempsey posted on December 22, 2019 00:04:49

One of the key figures associated with this project has been embroiled in controversy, including theft allegations. This project was supposed to restore Bitcoin to its original purpose, but looks like yet another play for enriching a few people.

avatar barack 9 rated:

barack posted on December 04, 2019 20:42:56

Bitcoin SV is designed to be open to anyone who builds on it, without permission or reporting to high-level agents. Many applications and services are built independently for and on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, without having to ask anyone or be suspicious of any possible protocol changes. In addition, they have several hundred patents and a blockchain designed for worldwide implementation.

avatar Wappie 20 rated:

Wappie posted on November 18, 2019 06:11:27

What a shitshow.
"Paving the way towards Genesis, the full restoration of Satoshis Bitcoin protocol, bringing with it unbounded scaling and limitless economic potential."
Pure lies.
The bsv chain already suffered mutliple block reorg attacks.

The constantly

avatar pdo 18 rated:

pdo posted on November 16, 2019 15:29:27

Bitcoin SV fork is another strange episode in Bitcoin world. I'm an engineer and I understand the decision to increase block size to accommodate more transactions. But there is a limit to any technical parameters. Increasing parameters often doesn't fix problems. Supporters of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) should revisit their thesis: people need bigger blocks. The market has decided BCH is an inferior fork.

avatar BitDaddy 4 rated:

BitDaddy posted on October 29, 2019 04:39:03

BSV is the only Bitcoin that is capable of global scale and in the process it can change our world for the better in many ways, creating a more efficient digital and financial world with accountability for all. A safe and secure data economy for all. Everyone can find benefits in BSV whether it be big business or a pawn in the game, big or small it can benefit all. From processing payments and powering

avatar FelixJP 7 rated:

FelixJP posted on October 28, 2019 23:52:53

The BSV community consists of people who understood the intent of the whitepaper. I think many who now use, trust in and/or develop for the BSV community, kind of liked Craigs very professional albeit often hard to follow performances, spiced sometimes with some kind of erratic behaviour after he started to become more public in 2017. And many of us knew early on, that only he could be the genuis behind

avatar Max 4 rated:

Max posted on October 28, 2019 22:14:45

Bitcoin (BSV) is absolute Bitcoin. A strong adherence to the White Paper. BSV is strong, scalable, fast, transparent, and has multiple powerful expert developer, marketing, and advisor communities of which no other cryptocurrency can or will rival. Bitcoin (BSV) is the original, it is authentic, and we have yet begun to experience the full potential. Not to mention BitcoinSV is legal, open, and forward

avatar hellogato 3 rated:

hellogato posted on October 27, 2019 19:32:11

The amount of ad hominem in these "reviews" is staggering and indicative of low-quality reasoning skills. Aristotle reels.

Bitcoin (BSV), regardless of who is involved in the project, is clearly in line with the whitepaper and operates like the BTC I used in the early days of the ecosystem - low fees, safe zeroconf, on-chain scaling, and a stable protocol for third-party apps

avatar bullish 68 rated:

bullish posted on October 25, 2019 12:38:18

If only BSV didn't have Craig Wright and his crew at CoinGeek in its ranks then I would instantly bump it up more. I really don't like everything about Craig and his approach to this space with lawsuits, patents, crazy claims, emotional court outbursts and more.

But enough about Craig -- I think BSV folks make great points from an economic perspective and I also think that Satoshi

avatar Martin k 18 rated:

Martin k posted on March 22, 2019 22:53:10

I think it's pretty accurate to say that this Bitcoin fork has some good things going for it and Craig wright is not one of those things. Truth is he tainted SVs chance before it even had one by being a complete power driven maniac and trying to destroy the versions that it forked from in order to dominate.

That's all fine if he could back his claims about being satoshi but he can't,

avatar 38mSRnyzBSXYkaGH4rVCKsnva 12 rated:

38mSRnyzBSXYkaGH4rVCKsnva posted on February 08, 2019 11:11:33

Tbh I just wanted to add my rating and not leave a review: Please add this feature: SV, BCH, and any other fork of BTC that pretends to be BTC is not BTC.

avatar kurtwuckertjr 68 rated:

kurtwuckertjr posted on February 07, 2019 18:35:04

To understand Bitcoin SV requires a deep understanding of consensus networks and bitcoin as a protocol. The facts:

- BSV shares Satoshi Nakamoto's Genesis and the entire UTXO set in compliance with the bitcoin rule set. Meanwhile, BTC has endured an economics change and a governance change since 2017.
- If bitcoin is to be sound money, it cannot be changed without a consensus

avatar Dr. Doom 268 rated:

Dr. Doom posted on December 16, 2018 22:54:37

Eventhough Bitcoin SV is a hardfork of a hardfork (bitcoincash) of Bitcoin and the protocol is actually the closest to the original whitepaper of all existing bitcoin forks out there, you should be aware that one of the most vilified people by the cryptocommunities (Craig Wright is also known as Fake Satoshi, because he identified as he the “real” Satoshi, which he then couldn’t prove; since

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