Bitconnect (BCC)

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Cryptocurrency that was connected with a famous high-yield investment program (a type of Ponzi scheme)  
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avatar kurtwuckertjr 68 rated:

kurtwuckertjr posted on December 30, 2019 13:13:50

What can I say that hasn't been said before? Bitconnect is the biggest scam MEME in the history of blockchains. It deserves no praise at all from anyone, as it was fundamentally designed to exploit the poor.

avatar cryptoreviewerguy 10 rated:

cryptoreviewerguy posted on December 08, 2019 00:42:13

Just to make sure none of the potential new crypto enthusiasts falls for this...

This was a huge Ponzi scam, it had no real product or innovation, just a MLM to make a few people rich.

avatar shillingthemsoftly 19 rated:

shillingthemsoftly posted on October 03, 2019 16:27:23

Shouldbe re-named MLM coin. Seriously, anti-vax; flat-eartherism; scientology, and XRP are more legit than this. The only reason Bitconnect should be on your radar is to bring back dead memes.

avatar scottf 35 rated:

scottf posted on October 03, 2019 11:57:07

I continue to hear whispers of Bitconnect 2.0 as well. As others have mentioned, be weary of it! Look at the pinned tweet here as well:

Be cautious if giving them a second chance.

avatar CptofIndustry 44 rated:

CptofIndustry posted on February 12, 2019 18:01:30

Pyramid scheme. Bitconnect is our beloved meme generator of the year 2017 when cryptocurrancy was full of lambo boys declaring that one day we would all be landing on the moon.

Do your homework people.

avatar Dr. Doom 268 rated:

Dr. Doom posted on February 10, 2019 03:09:21

***Update: beware!! It seems Bitconnect2.0 is launching, weirdly enough! Not sure if it is real or a joke, but either way, stay clear!***

Yup good warning sign: do not touch HYIP, lending/staking coins and mulitlevel marketing program schemes in crypto! BCC is now confirmed scam and officially dead coin! Bitconnect wasn't the first and probably not the last in cryptocurrency space,

avatar Crypto Chick 52 rated:

Crypto Chick posted on February 09, 2019 23:26:21

I am not proud of this, but I was caught by Bitconnect too :(. Even thought it was legitimate and recruited some friends. But I learned my lesson... Now only legitimate crypto coins for me. No more lending/staking coins like Bitconnect!

avatar Jason T. 111 rated:

Jason T. posted on February 09, 2019 23:24:30

LOL someone submitted Bitconnect?! Good thing this ponzi scheme is officially dead as no exchanges trade BCC anymore. This was a huge plague on the crypto world and even had a lot of people defending it vehemently. Turns out the critics was right about this even though the ponzi lasted longer than expected... This should serve as a warning sign to all future crypto investors. Never touch any High Yield

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