CloakCoin (CLOAK)

 96% - 12 reviews
Launched in Jun 2014, CLOAK is a provider of Open Source blockchain solutions using ENIGMA® technology, which reportedly helps to make transactions completely confidential     
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$ 1.1 M
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avatar Tim 2 rated:

Tim posted on December 05, 2019 11:35:09

* Passionate Team / Community
* Completely Self Funded
* Strong optional Privacy
* POS / no Masternodes
* Gateway for FX Trading
* 100+ Vendors
* Auditable money supply

avatar goldcity 2 rated:

goldcity posted on December 05, 2019 10:45:26

No ICO, no premine, developed since 2014, strong community, strong privacy (due to CLOAK-ENIGMA), constant development, dedicated and passionate team, 6% staking / year.

avatar barack 9 rated:

barack posted on December 04, 2019 23:26:19

I use Cloak and I am very satisfied.

Here is the grouped information found:

Cloakcoin Features

Once you see the features that Cloakcoin brings to the table you might agree that it has been
somewhat overlooked. Or you might see why it is being overlooked. Let’s get an idea of what
advantages you might get from using Cloakcoin.
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avatar krypto knight 2 rated:

krypto knight posted on December 04, 2019 14:41:06

Cloak coin is an OG since 2014, and I came to know about the surveillance capitalism, financial privacy, and panopticon concepts through them. Awesome developers and top notch privacy tech. I would like to quote Richard Heart here: "Awesome Tech - Shitty price". For a very long time, Cloak hasn't gotten their deserved attention from the market, but we will definitely see in the next bull run... In

avatar igorLV 4 rated:

igorLV posted on December 04, 2019 04:41:00

CloakCoin has the best technology (ENIGMA) to make transactions private and it's the best technology in whole crypto sphere! Its strong advantages - strong team, active community and good technology. Also it gives approx. 6% income per year. More then ant banks nowadays can give!

avatar iwidepiwi 2 rated:

iwidepiwi posted on December 04, 2019 02:28:09

Dedicated team, no pre-mine nor ICO. They have an audited supply and un-cracked privacy tech. CloakCoin has a strong community behind it, and they keep building to protect your privacy in the age of surveillance capitalism.

avatar suri555 4 rated:

suri555 posted on December 03, 2019 19:21:58

In terms of functionality, CloakCoin is a very good privacy coin with a dedicated team. CLOAK is surely set to be the next big cryptocurrency. And there is an opportunity here to invest relatively early in a project that will likely do very well in the future.

avatar ari 2 rated:

ari posted on December 03, 2019 18:35:24

The Cloakcoin project is a very good and active project that comes to bring solutions to its technology. And it is a project that makes daily reports on its marketing activities and dev project which is very good to show the transparency of the project and finally there are very few coin in circulation

avatar going 2 rated:

going posted on December 03, 2019 18:13:53

In my opinion it is one of the most legitimate privacy projects I know of. From the very beginning, you have understood that it is not only a matter of strong privacy, but that money and its overall provision must always be verifiable by everyone. Why? Because no one can approve of hidden inflation, as it is possible with intransparent ledgers. When more people see this potential, because more people

avatar lazilazi 2 rated:

lazilazi posted on December 02, 2019 15:00:16

A fantastic project with an honest team! One of the strongest privacy coin out there...
There is a chance to see a price of over $100 in the future! Very realistic with only 5.2m coins!

avatar Fez 19 rated:

Fez posted on December 01, 2019 17:45:19

This project had a really shady past, was used as a P&D back in 2014 before being dumped by the team. The community rallied round it though and kept it going, and since then, they have worked hard to improve the reputation and codebase.

ATH was $30 during the 2017/2018 bull run, but that has since been forgotten. The devs are working hard and planning massive improvements so I hope to

avatar bullish 68 rated:

bullish posted on November 30, 2019 20:32:46

Just discovered this project from an influencer I follow. Cloak seems to be here for the long term since they were picked up by a dev team in 2014 and has been alive and kicking since then, surviving through multiple bear and bull cycles. This is a privacy focused coin which has a super dedicated community and is accepted by >100 vendors and counting. They also have pretty good privacy tech which hasn't

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