Coin Coin (CRO)

 58% - 6 reviews was founded in 2016 with the goal of accelerating the world’s transition to cryptocurrency     
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avatar bungabunga 30 rated:

bungabunga posted on August 26, 2020 15:06:05 is a data mining scam, ponzi, pyramid scheme, ICO, rolled into one created by VC money, STAY AWAY, they take your passport picture, steal your identity and take your money.

avatar brambles 23 rated:

brambles posted on August 26, 2020 14:52:10

There have understandably been serious growing pains with this company, but I have personally had a poor customer experience when dealing with support bungling around and having very poor internal communications between departments. Unfortunately, I cant give them good feedback because it has in fact caused me economic harm, and I don't mean missed opportunities for crypto gains

avatar mattnook 20 rated:

mattnook posted on August 26, 2020 14:31:01

I like this app as a way to turn USD into crypto. Just know it's another centralized exchange. I use DEXs (like Uniswap) wherever possible, but this is a good fiat conversion tool that's never let me down. Hopefully they list HEX soon

avatar blackswan 8 rated:

blackswan posted on February 19, 2020 04:36:45

I’ve been with since May 2017 - ICO phase. Back then they were called “Monaco”. They have managed to adapt to many challenging situations related to compliance, etc.

The are now live with their Visa Debit cards in the U.S. and Singapore. Europe is next and is said to be imminent. You can buy 61 different coins/tokens via fiat and other crypto. You can also earn interest

avatar 8 rated: posted on January 13, 2020 04:49:41 has amazing offers: 18% interest p.a. for staking their native coin, reimbursement for monthly costs of Spotify and Netflix, free ATM withdrawals and 1% to 5% cash back around the world with their VISA card. Their support team and their telegram channel are very responsive and helpful.

avatar mistergrin 97 rated:

mistergrin posted on December 03, 2019 01:02:23

CRO is like the sibling of the older MCO token. MCO you can use to stake for the debit card, but now they are rapidly adding more and more use cases for the CRO token.

Particularly, on their new exchange, you can stake CRO to get discounts on your trading fees just like BNB. Additionally, they are launching the Syndicate or their IEO platform and CRO token holders

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