DeepBrain Chain

DeepBrain Chain (DBC)

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DeepBrain Chain (DBC) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the Neo platform     
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avatar Luke B 25 rated:

Luke B posted on March 23, 2019 06:30:29

if they can keep funding up, this could be hugely beneficial in the future for sure! they are not very current with being in the spotlight but do update often so their progress and news can be checked on. like any new project only time will tell how they will develop. i hope it works out!

avatar Crypto Anonymous 224 rated:

Crypto Anonymous posted on February 13, 2019 08:02:09

Chinese AI project on NEO blockchain that is allegedly implicitly backed by the chinese government. Couldn't find much that is negative about the project, except maybe this post on r/cryptocurrency that is quite technical:


Another pain point, although not related to the project itself, might be the fact that it is very low ranked on Coinmarketcap and has a relatively low volume. High risk should be assumed from an investor perspective. Things that I do like are the coinmetrics from the ICO: hardcap was "only" $12m, which wasn't excessive compared to many other ICOs. 

A relatively small percentage of coins went to the team (10%) and 50% of total supply will be generated by mining. Transparency and a long period of unlocking team and foundation tokens: 10% per year over 10 years (predictable inflation) - source: whitepaper. 

It makes the project seem more legit because of a less greedy approach in the ICO. So eventhough I have some reservations on the matter if this is a good investment with a reasonable profit expectation, I do not think that this is an outright scam. Before really investing in this project I think it is really important to be able to really understand the technical implications of this project before you can make a justifiable investment decision on a fundamental basis.

avatar Keryptosport 9 rated:

Keryptosport posted on February 09, 2019 20:10:56

I like where these guys are going, been following them for a while now. They seem to be taking a lot of very good steps and I plan to invest some of my spare change next week.

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