Ferrum Network

Ferrum Network (FRM)

 97% - 28 reviews
Ferrum Network describes itself as an ultra low-cap DeFI project with advanced financial products that will run on top of a DAG-based interoperability network     
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$ 66.7 M
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avatar Waseem1406 2 rated:

Waseem1406 posted on January 16, 2020 15:09:30

One of the best projects I have come across so far, they have a working product, low transaction fees, and real world utility. Already live in West Africa, soon to expand to other countries.

Read detailed analysis here: https://medium.com/@waseem14061988/firstly-what-is-ferrum-network-805b6f338679

avatar Ferrosia 2 rated:

Ferrosia posted on January 16, 2020 15:08:58

Increasing transaction fees will make Ferrum token necessary. With Unifyre wallet and sub zero wallet, Ferrum will be better for future. And the Kudi exchange is working very well. It's a bridge between Africa and other countries of the world.

avatar btcsam 2 rated:

btcsam posted on January 15, 2020 22:08:18

I can really recommend Ferrum Network 100%, they have a great vision and are trying to make a big impact. They have launched some awesome products / projects so far and the community is just amazing. I am glad that I bought FRM and that I am a part of this big family.

avatar cbw 2 rated:

cbw posted on January 15, 2020 12:24:03

Ferrum Network is a great project with good team/community. They already created the working Kudi exchange which works with fiat from African markets. In 2020 we're waiting for launch of the mainnet with the wallet and Infinity DEX.

avatar Bewaowao 2 rated:

Bewaowao posted on January 14, 2020 23:53:52

I have been following the project since day one before the ICO started. I think this is a good project, a hard-working team, a great community, a project that can make long-term investments, especially in the large potential African market.

avatar Slav 2 rated:

Slav posted on January 14, 2020 09:58:02

I am holder of this project since ICO. This team is amazing, guys are really hard working. Also we are having great community, join us https://t.me/ferrum_network

avatar caezea 2 rated:

caezea posted on January 13, 2020 20:35:44

Ferrum Network is an excellent project that I have been following since last year. It is a project that is truly promising because of the support, work ethic and transparency of the team.
Ferrum Network is a DAG based protocol platform for the development of centralized and decentralized application. The project has financial products that run on this DAG based protocol platform which connects

avatar Jase 6 rated:

Jase posted on January 13, 2020 18:22:52

I’ve become a huge supporter of Ferrum.Network & I love the team & their technology.

I like the fact they already have real world working products FirstKudi.com and they don’t try & over hype what they have achieved to date

They have 4 products and not relying on outside Dapps to run on their eco-system this early as they are proving it first by creating their own

avatar genabb 4 rated:

genabb posted on January 13, 2020 11:48:59

To evaluate Ferrum Network, you need to check what they have built in such limited time, how much they collected during ICO and compare to greedy scammers who grabbed hundreds of millions of dollars from investors and have delivered nothing. Ferrum has a working product, a clear vision of development path and whats most important, team looking to do something valuable for future.

avatar royalfestus 4 rated:

royalfestus posted on January 13, 2020 11:48:07

Have watch the team closely for the past 6 months and have not seen any efficient team like theirs in my 4 years in crypto. Good and timely deliveries, integrity and good communication.

avatar joesixpack 11 rated:

joesixpack posted on January 13, 2020 11:47:49

A hidden gem. Although Ferrum may appear a bit rough compared to much slicker and more polished projects, what ultimately matters at the end of the day is delivering the goods, not marketing sizzle. And they have delivered in spades.

avatar luznery vera 6 rated:

luznery vera posted on January 13, 2020 11:44:58

I started to hear about Ferrum Network since the beginning of ICO. I was very excited about all the information the developers gave on social media and especially their telegram channel. I think it is the best means of communication for crypto investors. Ian Friend (COO) has demonstrated a high level of professionalism in all AMAs to make known the mission of Ferrum Network.

The team

avatar tonymillions 2 rated:

tonymillions posted on January 13, 2020 02:53:59

Everything about Ferrum has something unique about it. Like introducing a perfect crypto service in Africa's biggest economic country. They offer a bridge between fiat and crypto for all.

avatar Vrain 2 rated:

Vrain posted on January 13, 2020 02:53:26

Ferrum Network is a very good project. Most active project in the crypto space. They keep doing lots of good activities like AMAs , staking activities, rewards system for community, etc. to build a strong & active community.

avatar colllinsjie 2 rated:

colllinsjie posted on January 13, 2020 02:52:46

Ferrum Network project is the best project I've encountered in recent memory. The major thing that draws my attention is its functionalities. The 4 working products that they are developing are very useful to the crypto community as a whole.

avatar trhomeagent 6 rated:

trhomeagent posted on January 12, 2020 17:31:09

I have been following the project for 4 months. In the process, I came across an effective team that delivered on the roadmap.

Each product is built in a complementary structure. The other product is not released until the tests are completed. They follow a preset path.

Continuous AMA events are held to inform both the community and potential investors. You can find instant

avatar ipek 4 rated:

ipek posted on January 12, 2020 17:30:23

Ferrum was first brought to my attention by the fact that its token supply is not very high. Of course, the real star is the first Kudi exchange, a bank card that is used in everyday life and which I call Africa's luck. If you only look at 2-3 of the 2020 milestones (its own wallet Uni, Mainnet, Staking program, Infinity Dex and many more) you will learn about the future of the project. The Ferrum

avatar aigarsplugis 2 rated:

aigarsplugis posted on January 12, 2020 16:05:51

Where do people usually get news about potentially strong projects? Twitter, YouTube, etc. There are many places where to "dig up" gems, but Ferrum Network is a different case. Just one week ago, one of my friends was experimenting with Kudi exchange (https://firstkudi.com/) and told me about their experience. It was fascinating! When you learn about project through their products, it's even more valuable

avatar yenilmez86 2 rated:

yenilmez86 posted on January 12, 2020 14:00:00

Ferrum Network is a quality product in many ways. The fact that the founder was one of the first to discover the African market and that he has a hard-working and visionary team are some of the biggest factors. (Greetings from "AirdropTokenOrg")

avatar Charly M. 2 rated:

Charly M. posted on January 12, 2020 16:04:38

I discovered Ferrum a few months ago. The team members and the community were there every time I had a question. They are really dynamic and want to explain and develop the project. We are at the very beginning and I am really confident about this project. Please, have a look at this, everything looks good to me, and you can also be involved in the community mining to bring value to the project and

avatar amir7 2 rated:

amir7 posted on January 12, 2020 13:59:05

A very solid DAG based DeFi project with unique concepts and great team working round the clock to bring ideas into products. The MarketCap of the coin is just $1M so it has enough room to grow. Cheers!

avatar henryba 6 rated:

henryba posted on January 12, 2020 13:58:53

FerrumNetwork is a project with very high potential for several reasons:
- Team always at work, very available for its community, listening to the remarks and questions that old and new members may have.
- An almost 24H support, you can come and ask questions at any time, any day, there will almost always be someone to answer you immediately!
- Already functional, money-making

avatar Coach K 5 rated:

Coach K posted on January 12, 2020 13:57:17

I have known Ian Friend for quite some time and the work they put into the project is incredible. They did not raise a silly amount of money, just over 1M USD, they raised what was needed and have delivered time and time again. They have a real product in Kudi already up and running, thousands of vendors, a pre-paid credit card, Unifyre wallet with really cool features and so many more things planned

avatar CryptoBiker 4 rated:

CryptoBiker posted on January 12, 2020 13:56:17

I have been investing in Ferrum Network since their ICO in August 2029. The main objective of the project is to develop blockchain based technology for the financial inclusion of people in emerging markets. I believe the team will be successful to achieve their goals, at the time as writing they have already delivered Kudi, a FIAT gateway to exchange fiat in crypto and send fiat and cryptocurrency

avatar andrewbud 2 rated:

andrewbud posted on January 12, 2020 13:54:47

Ferrum Network is a fintech company that has built a high-speed interoperability network designed for real-world financial applications. With Ferrum, users can exchange and transact any digital asset, peer-to-peer, in milliseconds, for near-zero fees. You can think of it like lightning network, but for all blockchains!

UniFyre Wallet will be an app that you can download on the Google

avatar tianbuyung 6 rated:

tianbuyung posted on January 12, 2020 23:27:22

After I joined the Ferrum Network Community and read their white-paper, I believed FRM can be a real solution for financial freedom especially for emerging markets.

Example is a product from them called the Kudi Exchange App. This app has been implemented in Nigeria, West Africa, and from testimonies from all their users, this app's advantage is that it lets them remit money around the

avatar kriiptochelovek 4 rated:

kriiptochelovek posted on January 12, 2020 13:51:47

I have been watching the project for a long time and I can say with confidence that the project has a great future . Admins always help if something is unclear. Also, the price has been increasing, I am continuing to buy tokens and am happy about it. The project has a very high-quality wallet, I have used it for a long time and recommend it to everyone. As a result, I recommend everyone to study the

avatar flipc0in 6 rated:

flipc0in posted on January 12, 2020 13:50:45

Great team with a great product. They already have a staking program (first come first serve) + social mining that earns FRM for social media posts and comments. They have a great telegram community support group and a solid Twitter following. Transaction speeds are impeccable on the Kudi exchange they have created and they have the Unifyre wallet and subzero wallet coming soon!

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