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Designed and launched by Richard Heart on 2 December 2019, HEX describes itself as a Certificate of Deposit on the blockchain     
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avatar ChristopherHEX 2 rated:

ChristopherHEX posted on February 09, 2021 07:14:38

Triple audited, noe admin keys, no off-switch, does exactly what it says. My favorite token by far. I love that stake rewards go to stakers as opposed to the banks. A brilliant way to save for retirement.

avatar Lmacstack 5 rated:

Lmacstack posted on December 10, 2020 16:31:23

I remember how I felt knowing about bitcoin but skeptical of pulling the trigger. I'm talking about when there were free bitcoin faucets!. So to try to recoup I bought alot of shitcoins, with cardano being my biggest bag. Sat on that for two years and nothing. So I started researching on YouTube about how to get in early, how to actually know the founder, and that's when I came upon Richard.

avatar laskii 5 rated:

laskii posted on October 31, 2020 18:19:41

I love the project. Or should i say product. Because this crypto is done, is finished. No broken promises possible. The contract is living on the blockchain and its working. No admin key's. 3 audits. trustless interest. Nothing that compares to this.
What other crypto makes you think long term? None. It's HEX. Only HEX.
I'm staked. See you in 15 years.

avatar Besot 5 rated:

Besot posted on October 31, 2020 18:16:08

I was apprehensive, as one should be before investing. I did my research. I came to realize this was a great project, and then I researched even more before investing. My FOMO pants are on, and my gains are phenomenal! I'm so glad I found this project so I could grab up some shares. You better FOMO like you've never FOMO'd before! Just to the top 5 market cap in Less than a year while being

avatar Mb19 4 rated:

Mb19 posted on October 31, 2020 18:16:05

I am really new in the cryptocurrencies world, just from June i’m into this amazing world. HEX is the first project that made me almost double my money in just 4 days that i invested and staked my money. HEX looks like the real deal. HEX is already #5 in just one year. So sorry that i invested just 4 days ago. Really happy for the people that acknowledge HEX earlier, for sure they made mad gains.

avatar ryven 4 rated:

ryven posted on October 31, 2020 18:04:03

I was skeptical for a while, Richard is a flamboyant personality and all the launch phase bonuses and marketing about possible returns looked a bit too much. After lots of research, thought and even reading the code I decided it was a real project and after launch phase super simple. Digital certificate of deposit. You lock HEX for 1-5555 days, earn interest the longer you lock. Cool game theory to

avatar Chrispy 4 rated:

Chrispy posted on October 24, 2020 12:49:47

Really like this project. Not an OG but 5+ years of watching crypto. This was the most transparent project I have been aware of. I was skeptical at first for sure but I did free claim as soon as possible. My stack did grow and I did realize gains on AA. I have a great ladder built and only regret I have is not getting in with a bit more eth earlier. Great thing is it is never too late to stake.

avatar anthropos 4 rated:

anthropos posted on September 25, 2020 20:19:28

HEX is a coin where you get paid to 'HODL' while having all of the attributes you would want in a cryptocurrency.
- Censorship Resistance (On-top of the ETH Blockchain)
- Privacy (Hexnado)
- Guaranteed Trustless Interest (No Middlemen)
- Game Theory Economics
- Speculative Stickiness
- Incentives that REWARDS HODL behaviour off the backs of people

avatar taylor 4 rated:

taylor posted on September 13, 2020 07:55:03

HEX has been working flawlessly for me. I check HEX.LIVE daily and I can watch my interest accrue. I love that I can earn interest Trustlessly without having to risk lending it out using a middleman or 3rd party to trust my money to but instead it gets paid directly to me. The code was audited several times so I feel assured my money is safe.

⬢ Chart: uniswap.vision

avatar SanJoseSharks4life 7 rated:

SanJoseSharks4life posted on September 02, 2020 19:05:36

Great crypto experience and community once you're in, but the onboarding process is kind of annoying. Only giving 4 stars because from learning about HEX to getting HEX is a bit clunky.

avatar taterb 6 rated:

taterb posted on August 30, 2020 19:40:12

when I made my hex free claim of 6,649 hex on the 4th December 2019, i was down to my very last 0.4 BTC, 2 ETH and a bunch of useless shitcoins.
Today because of hex my crypto position is well over 10BTC not counting the potential 55x BTC worth of HEX currently stake in HEX.
For the next 2 and a half months, after I free claimed I participated in the AA lobby with all my eth about

avatar TIA 8 rated:

TIA posted on August 30, 2020 04:11:37

Habe auch Hex die Kryptowährung gekauft und eingesetzt für mehrere Jahre. Bin soweit damit zufrieden. Super ist, dass go.hex.com auch eine deutsche Benutzeroberfläche hat.

avatar Akifakis 6 rated:

Akifakis posted on August 29, 2020 15:36:37

Very big comunity 22.000 on telegram, trusles coin. Duble security , no midle man , no mining , interes trusless coin . I dont have somthing bad to say for this coin.

avatar Parlay 9 rated:

Parlay posted on August 29, 2020 07:03:08

Buying HEX in 2020 is like buying bitcoin in 2010. Don't be stupid this time around while the price is so low. Anyone that can get in now before the big price increase will be the new whales in one or two years. Biggest no-brainer of 2020. I remember hearing how bitcoin was a scam, look how that turned out. Hex actually improved the negative aspects of bitcoins outdated code. Great job by Richard

avatar phoenhex 6 rated:

phoenhex posted on August 28, 2020 14:18:03

I scaled into hex from day 3 to day 33. Ended up with over 3 mil hex. Staked out as long as 15 yrs. Im now earning over 20%i interest on my coins. In my opinion HEX is the only true DeFi coin out there!

avatar RedPillsWin 6 rated:

RedPillsWin posted on August 28, 2020 08:41:52

Accumulating HEX through trust less interest every day. It's easy to see why this Crypto Asset is leading the way in the DeFI space. With Audited code and a fantastic community I am sure HEX will continue flourish in the years to come. Thank you Richard Heart and co for producing such a refreshing and innovative fully working product. Great Job.

avatar tyrannosaurus hex 10 rated:

tyrannosaurus hex posted on August 28, 2020 03:02:29

HEX is the first blockchain CD / time deposit with high interest. Trustless. Audited. Immutable.

hex.com -> main website, visit to learn about the finished project, really the product.

go.hex.com -> Interface to interact with the smart contract (There are alternatives such as anotherhex.win, hex.live)

Use this site to interact with the HEX

avatar mpow 6 rated:

mpow posted on August 27, 2020 19:20:05

One of the first DeFi products to launch that actually works the way it was intended to work. Couple this with 100% uptime and zero issues with the code and no hacks, and you have one of the best products in all of crypto! I love earning trustless interest from HEX!

It took 2 years to build + 3 audits for a reason. HEX was designed to be a Top 5 crypto. We’re already in the top 30.

avatar data_probe 18 rated:

data_probe posted on August 27, 2020 19:13:55

I have no doubt the OA is recycling. However, I still made more money from HEX than from any other single cryptocurrency. More over, there still appears to be more gains in the tank for this controversial gem, but a gem no less.

avatar FutureMillionaire 6 rated:

FutureMillionaire posted on August 27, 2020 17:48:25

I made more money in HEX than any other crypto project since I joined the crypto space in 2017. I believe that this is truly my life changing opportunity. Amazing game theory and an amazing community!

avatar LukeAdams 6 rated:

LukeAdams posted on August 27, 2020 16:43:31

I am up massively in terms of price and up nicely in terms of APY for my CD. Win, win. So it works and does what it is programmed to do. I love the incentives placed into the code. I don't enjoy the high gas fees, but that is more an ETH issue and there is some way to pay fees in HEX, but I need to learn this still. HEX forces me to learn and the community helps!

avatar hank 12 rated:

hank posted on August 27, 2020 15:42:43

HEX basically led the Defi movement and has been audited 3 times. Got in early and have made significant gains. Currently in launch phase which ends 19th November. I am staked over that period and will make extra bonuses + interest (currently at 25 %). For those who don't want to trade and earn passive income this coin is the best I have seen.

avatar DanielLaursen 6 rated:

DanielLaursen posted on August 27, 2020 14:28:08

Hex is the best investment I have ever made in crypto, and in general. Hex has made crypto a game changer. The profit you make from staking is amazing, never seen anything near this that has been for real. In the beginning I was skeptical like a lot of other people, but I did my research and figured this is for real, no scam, no dishonesty in the project so I made my mind up and invested what I could

avatar chesus1999 6 rated:

chesus1999 posted on August 27, 2020 13:16:51

Amazing finished audited product unlike most cryptos out there HEX is great! Save me loosing so much trying to trade BTC. Promotes staking and hold rather than giving your money away to crooked exchanges that just trade against you. Very glad I found HEX!

avatar HexMasterFlex_19 6 rated:

HexMasterFlex_19 posted on August 27, 2020 12:50:24

Hex is and will always be looked at different, that’s due to the fact that HEX is a truly genuine game theory that is different. Hex has already planted its roots into the ground a the first completed DeFi 3X audited product, build to earn Trustless interest by doing absolutely nothing, solely stake and earn! #Hexican Proud!
HEX saved my life from the agony of trading..... Thank you Richard

avatar Fode 8 rated:

Fode posted on August 27, 2020 12:08:56

HEX is awesome. I have been following this project before it was launched, since early 2019. Weird that we got a couple negative reviews from before launch. If you have any doubts about the project just read the smart contract code. People lie. Code doesn't. It's all verifiable and immutable for good on the Ethereum blockchain. No admin keys that can screw things up. The least of counter party

avatar Zorniborni 6 rated:

Zorniborni posted on August 27, 2020 11:44:04

Blockchain time deposit. Pretty cool project. Bought a couple months ago and staked initially to get a share of the BigPayDay. Now I looked into go.hex.win and WOW! The price has gone up a lot since I bought. Crazy! But I'm happy. :) Interface on go.hex.com works great. Staked my HEX with Metamask and HW wallet.

avatar manziwadandora 7 rated:

manziwadandora posted on August 27, 2020 09:11:49

So four months ago I got some HEX COIN at dead cheap price and just four months after it's nothing but an amazing feeling.
I like it when RICHARD HEART says many of us get into Cryptocurreny for the gains. The whole concept of rewarding stakers or strong hands is a game changer, most people will come to latter understand it's more than just a mere CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT on the smart

avatar Franklin_SaintHex 9 rated:

Franklin_SaintHex posted on August 27, 2020 09:10:04

Most money I have ever made in crypto. Amazing community. Product works flawlessly and it’s fun to watch your trustless interest grow. I have been in crypto since before the run up of 2017. I have never seen anything like this.

avatar HEX TOYS 6 rated:

HEX TOYS posted on August 27, 2020 08:07:03

HEX is pure DeFi, it has led the way and will continue to do so for many years. It has started a revolution that cannot be stopped. STAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT!


avatar albertgraham 6 rated:

albertgraham posted on August 27, 2020 08:06:32

HEX is the most extraordinary finished product that is working perfectly as intended with zero downtime since launched. Unlike many crypto projects out there that is still in the experimental phase, HEX is a complete product with no roadmap and no promises. It work exactly as designed rewarding the staker class with trustless interest without any counterparty risk and no signup is required. HEX also

avatar RapidProtoTripe 7 rated:

RapidProtoTripe posted on August 27, 2020 07:08:30

HEX is unique among crypto currencies. It was delivered in its entirety for launch, functions exactly as intended, and has a stellar community! New tools and websites are built almost weekly by the community. This is a project everybody should have a piece of.

avatar RichyRichCrypto 7 rated:

RichyRichCrypto posted on August 27, 2020 06:59:22

Hex is the first complete certificate of deposit contract on the Ethereum blockchain network. It has 3 audits and works exactly how it says it should. Trust-less interest is the future imo. I love HEX

avatar No Jesuits. 7 rated:

No Jesuits. posted on August 27, 2020 06:49:21

Hex is an authentic, original finished product. I'm extremely happy with it. The results speak for themselves. No more middlemen. You are in control, not the exchange, no KYC terrorism. This is REAL crypto. Beautiful product, thank you Richard Heart.

avatar Craig Jordan 7 rated:

Craig Jordan posted on August 27, 2020 06:30:25

HEX is designed to be a source passive income for many decades and it hasn't disappointed so far. Price appreciation in the next 1-2 years will greatly amplify the returns for the early investors but unlike with other cryptocurrencies, price up is not the end game and not the only game but a part of a bigger value proposition. If you haven't staked at least some HEX you're doing your future

avatar KuqiCouture 9 rated:

KuqiCouture posted on August 27, 2020 05:19:10

Whilst other cryptos are projects, HEX is a product.
Whilst other cryptos have road maps, HEX is complete.
Whilst other cryptos pay miners, HEX pays the HODLer.

ETH is the computer.
DApps are the programs.
All other DApps still in alpha testing.
HEX is packaged, shipped and on the shelf. Quality assessed and ready to buy.

avatar The Yes 11 rated:

The Yes posted on August 27, 2020 05:17:49


HEX virtually lends value from stakers to non stakers as staking reduces supply. Launch ends Nov. 19th when HEX stakers get credited ~200B HEX. HEX's total supply is now ~300B.

HEX is brand new and went up in price 115x in 129 days. HEX is Decentralized Finance (DeFi),

avatar Nutmeghash 21 rated:

Nutmeghash posted on August 27, 2020 05:14:05

Stellar Project. My life has done a 180 no longer having to focus on trading. Being part of a completed and audited product allows me to live freely and confidently plus earning passive income from my stakes.

Everything is well documented, the community is supportive, Richard Heart continues to help lives and will leave a positive legacy.
I advise anyone new to Crypto or who

avatar BMindfulofDeath 14 rated:

BMindfulofDeath posted on August 27, 2020 04:47:49

HEX is the most brilliant cryptocurrency ever devised that effectively and cleverly monetizes humanity's most precious limited resource, time. The founder of Hex, Richard Heart, is a gifted genius that has created a truly exceptional product, what is called a time-deposit, the most important application in all of crypto's decentralized finance, just as the most important financial product at

avatar bsys 20 rated:

bsys posted on August 27, 2020 02:48:24

HEX.com is one of the few projects in crypto that launched as a complete product. It's an immutable smart contract that has been audited 3 times. There are no promises of future work and there don't need to be any. Many ICOs make promises, fail to deliver, crash to zero because of bugs or underdeliver. HEX is the opposite. It doesn't promise anything, launched complete and continuously

avatar starspawn1985 8 rated:

starspawn1985 posted on August 27, 2020 02:10:07

I have been following Richard when he predicted 20k $ btc price, to the new guy checking him out he gives off an arrogant vibe, however if you start following his ACTUAL work, it is almost all top notch stuff.

The HEX.com website is not the most nice looking thing ever, but the information is overwhelming in good detail.

Go.hex.com - the actual place you will be using

avatar Sam5555 8 rated:

Sam5555 posted on August 27, 2020 01:38:26

HEX has been solid and has worked exactly as described for me. I have had no issues and my staked HEX keeps accruing interest as planned. It is awesome! Dont miss big pay day!

avatar VanceM 13 rated:

VanceM posted on August 27, 2020 01:32:42

At first I was skeptical of Hex. There were more bashers on social media then there were pumpers. If anything... I learned to do my own research, look at everything with an open mind, and make my own decision. Before you make a decision on Hex, you should do the same. Read the Security Audits, read the information from hex.com and other websites, ask the community questions, and check out the transparency

avatar philflo 8 rated:

philflo posted on August 27, 2020 01:23:48

It is the best defi project out there. I tried it and I love it. HEX is what crypto was invented for. I wish others would ,at least, try hex and see for themselves.

avatar Bloobum 8 rated:

Bloobum posted on August 27, 2020 01:23:34

Hex is the most amazing crypto on the market. It's crypto's first completed product. The list of problems it solves is very very long. It's always going to be a good buy if you stake long. It's all about the staking.

avatar paulendsinl 48 rated:

paulendsinl posted on August 27, 2020 01:12:27

Hex is a cryptocurrency that offers an alternative to traditional certificate of deposit.

Hex.com can explain it all.. or read my little review.

It allows long term staking that allows to earn very high variable interest of around 15-20% this year so far , interest is based on inflation of 3.69% per year , total supply will be around 600 billion after big pay day. Click here to see more...

avatar jovani32 8 rated:

jovani32 posted on August 27, 2020 00:52:22

I must say this is the best investment I ever put my money in. Until today, I couldn't believe my account grew so much since the first week I of HEX launched. I will continue to add more into my account. This is just the beginning.

avatar anonaconda 10 rated:

anonaconda posted on August 27, 2020 00:44:44

The idea of a time deposit on the blockchain intrigued me from the get-go. I just like the idea of putting money away for a time and getting a nice return on my principle. Time deposits are a massive business all over the world, and by massive, I mean trillions of dollars. HEX is clearly tapping that popularity and earlier this year actually went over $1B market capitalization, though it has come off

avatar Crypto Nick 9 rated:

Crypto Nick posted on August 27, 2020 00:05:22

Finally a completed crypto project. Don’t believe the naysayers...this crypto is amazing. Fun to use and plan with in regards to staking. Love that everything is completely transparent. Every transaction verifiable. Trustless interest.

avatar timmyb 9 rated:

timmyb posted on August 26, 2020 23:47:09

I have been acquainted with Richard Heart's content since April of '17, and have been a staker of HEX since its launch. There has yet to be any issues in the acquisition, staking, unstaking, and exchanging of my HEX tokens. This is what happens when one takes the time to have a product audited before releasing it to the public. And yes, HEX is a finished product, and an awesome one at that.

avatar fleaser 7 rated:

fleaser posted on August 26, 2020 23:25:14

Cryptocurrency was invented to remove middlemen and the need to trust other people with your money. Math is more trustworthy than man. HEX fulfils this ideal. HEX does its magic with no management, no promises, and no expectations of work from others. Each user mints his own coins, like Bitcoin. HEX performs well solely due to

avatar Hexadecimal 13 rated:

Hexadecimal posted on August 26, 2020 21:55:24

Everything in the project is open and available for everyone to know. The chain is completely public and open for anyone to analyze. Everyone has been honest, radically honest actually, the devs are in the chat everyday, constantly building things.

In fact, the HEX devs built a bunch of DeFi infrastructure and no one gave a shit. It's amazing, some of the HEX deva literally built

avatar CryptoModelTMax 9 rated:

CryptoModelTMax posted on August 26, 2020 21:51:54

Hex is a revolution. A reiteration of Bitcoin. A Store Of Value takeover. Serious Passive Income, Trustlessly, Indefinitely. A proper rabbit hole worth the dive. True Decentralized Finance. A Cryptocurrency with a proper use case. Robust flawless code with 3 Audits. HEX is COMPLETE.

avatar Tyler 7 rated:

Tyler posted on August 26, 2020 20:31:21

This is the best article about HEX if you need help making a decision: https://t.co/IBx5ngh25U?amp=1

Richard is the real deal been following well before hex launched. He knows crypto better than just about everyone and tells the truth and is most always right. He was a BTC maxi but is smart enough to to realize he must update his worldview when better things comes out which he

avatar marcossalvaje 7 rated:

marcossalvaje posted on August 26, 2020 19:38:20

I swapped almost all of my altcoins held hopelessly since 2018 for HEX in March 2020. My investment has quadrupled since and I recovered all my losses caused by not selling the top in 2018. They say you shouldn't invest more than you are confident to lose. I trust in HEX. 95% of my life's savings are in it. Get rich or die tryin'...;-)

avatar DOLOMITE 11 rated:

DOLOMITE posted on August 26, 2020 17:40:38

I love HEX! I RECOVERED ALL MY LOSSES since 2018 investing in other coins! PLUS 55X PROFIT!!!
Staking mechanism us genius!!! I love the interest i get with my stakes.
I have 1 million HEX staked for 15 years (5555 days).
HEX is the best DeFi product ever created!

avatar theannette 9 rated:

theannette posted on August 26, 2020 16:59:53

I'm a very skeptical person but after researching Hex and learning how Hex functions, I am extremely happy that I invested in it so early. It has been audited, is completely finished, and works wonderfully. If you like interest on your investments and like to have complete control over your "finances", this is the coin for you! You can lock up your Hex for as little as one day, to as

avatar nardo 8 rated:

nardo posted on August 26, 2020 16:55:35

I've bought,I've sold,ive staked,only finished product in this crypto space,loving the trust less interest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

avatar MalibuKim 8 rated:

MalibuKim posted on August 26, 2020 16:46:56

A+. Brilliant, flawless staking product. Love it! Reading the website hex.com is worth the time, you'll learn a ton. And the community is just awesome, from t.me/hexcrypto to YouTube, DLive, and Twitter. I've never found anything like this in crypto before.

avatar david thomas 9 rated:

david thomas posted on August 26, 2020 16:25:13

DYOR before buying in. It's the only crypto in 2020 that kicked started the blockchain Certificate of Deposit trend, but the only one that is truely decentralised and the only one that has been externally audit X3 times for security and sound economics. There are copies out there that tried and failed to compete and actual scams taking money off failed systems planning to compete with HEX. There

avatar geeezer9 9 rated:

geeezer9 posted on August 26, 2020 16:13:30

A miracle of a product. I have a feeling it set off the 2020 Defi mania (most of which i dont trust). Wonderful community especially on telegram. HEX also has the greatest ambassador on Dlive called The Hexologist. This is an unusual crypto in that it was released ready and finished and audited. Long may it reign.

avatar Todd T-Share 9 rated:

Todd T-Share posted on August 26, 2020 15:53:12

I have been reading about and researching HEX from before day one till today. I have read everything printed and watched every video. I find it a fascinating and brilliant product that is complete immutable and legit in every way. I fully endorse HEX as an crypto currency and investment vehicle.

avatar LivesHEX 8 rated:

LivesHEX posted on August 26, 2020 15:49:50

HEX is the only crypto project that I know of that is 2x security audited, 1x financially audited, a completed project, immutable code, no hyper inflation, produces trust less interest and is built to reward staking and not trading. This is why HEX is the only crypto I now hold.

avatar Wilsper 8 rated:

Wilsper posted on August 26, 2020 15:46:43

Thank you very very much Richard!. I don't have to be just looking at the charts at every moment and that's all I was waiting for. Earning interests in a store of value asset without the middle man!!! Excellent!

avatar protoni 8 rated:

protoni posted on August 26, 2020 15:36:09

It's great that with HEX I can time lock my crypto away and not think about it + mad gainz. Future stake expiration chart and other tools also makes HEX very interesting.

avatar Stevenl99 9 rated:

Stevenl99 posted on August 26, 2020 15:35:56

As an individual that has never invested in crypto, it took time for me to do my own research to ensure i knew HEX was the right choice for me. I’ve watched countless videos and read constant articles from the HEX community and creator Richard Heart that I’m so glad I’ve invested and am early in the project. I’ve already made a 4x on my principle and know that this is just the beginning, this

avatar blacksquirrel 8 rated:

blacksquirrel posted on August 26, 2020 15:26:02

Hex has 100% uptime, 100% decentralised and 100% does what it says it does, now.
Great toconomics, cool game theory, very sticky and just all round perfect defi finished product

avatar Day43 OGee 9 rated:

Day43 OGee posted on August 26, 2020 15:10:35

Hex does something that no other digital asset has ever done before. It's unique value proposition is similar to that of a time-locked deposit that pays interest. This occurs via an immutable, permissionless & decentralized smart contract on the blockchain. I now have no need to rely on 3rd parties to get a decent interest rate! This is true Decentralized Finance!

avatar KNTX 9 rated:

KNTX posted on August 26, 2020 14:50:42

I love the economics of Hex, the trustless interest paid by staking and being my own bank, and the real DeFi revolution not available to the buzzword junkies. Two mathematics audit and one economics audit. More copy cats than any products that have ever come before, so it must be telling of the value every one else is seeing in it. Finished product and not a roadmap of failed promises to no where!

avatar bungabunga 30 rated:

bungabunga posted on August 26, 2020 14:30:11

I will do my own research, I will do my own research, I will do my own research. I didn't get into HEX until recently because I listened to my favourite crypto influencer, all crypto influencers are retarded scammers, stop listening to them. HEX is a real DeFi token emulating a time deposit on the blockchain, don't listen to broke bitches if you want riches. Time value of money and trustless

avatar woody10k 7 rated:

woody10k posted on August 26, 2020 14:12:26

When traders get liquidated/rekt on a downturn in crypto it should be a good thing for #HEX since #HEX was designed to be stabile in volitile times with its base of holders who stake it and makes #HEX valuable because of that. Staking #HEX is what makes #HEX valuable. Its an upgrade from hodling + #HEX has low monetary inflation which contributes to value as well as adoption through the adoption phase

avatar mattnook 20 rated:

mattnook posted on August 26, 2020 14:10:09

There seems to be a lot of antagonistic people on here. I've had nothing but a good experience with HEX. Richard Heart has never made a guarantee to anyone - "lost my house and car"? come on man, you really think anybody believes that?

This is simple an immutable smart contract on Ethereum that acts like a digital CD. you have the option to lock up coins to get interest paid

avatar MarkKnight 8 rated:

MarkKnight posted on August 26, 2020 14:09:48

A lot of the negative reviews are folks with low information after the project launched. That's not a knock on them, it took me months to carefully dissect HEX - and you REALLY need to pay close attention and read between the lines to get it because of the unfortunate securities laws it needs to abide by.

Every feature of HEX has a very specific purpose that benefits the project.

avatar tldrtaylor 8 rated:

tldrtaylor posted on August 26, 2020 14:04:47

Staked HEX returns more HEX. Always. HEX is DeFi's 1st finished product -- not project -- and I have found it performs exactly as designed. HEX has 100% up-time, 3 separate audits, and can never be turned off. Read everything at HEX.com

avatar mihaxy 2 rated:

mihaxy posted on August 26, 2020 13:58:15

I bought this coin and then I lost everything because Richard Heart scammed me. He told me he would personally guarantee it will go up, but it fell, a lot. I lost my house and my car because of this.

avatar max045 8 rated:

max045 posted on August 26, 2020 13:56:33

This project is great, 3 times audited. Provides Trustless interest. The contract is unable to be changed. It's done, nothing more. The less people that stake their coins the higher the interest, if all people stake then it's 3.69% interest like a real world bank CD.

The price of the coin is built to go up also since, the more stakers the less supply, less stakers more Trustless

avatar 606227 8 rated:

606227 posted on August 26, 2020 13:48:42

Morons complain how this token is created just to enrich it's creator, while at the same time they throw money to some shady "team" selling them promises, roadmaps and fake partnerships. Crypto community is full of imbeciles.
HEX is everything other cryptos only wish to be:
True defi, audited, completed, decentralized, working as intended.
The founder spent two years

avatar lyysout 10 rated:

lyysout posted on August 26, 2020 13:37:28

I joined crypto in Q1 of 2016. Since then I've seen alot of crypto come and go. Most crypto, even in the top 10 con people into giving them money because they promise future upgrades. HEX does none of that. It is 100% complete and audited financial product, which makes it unique in the crypto space.

HEX has no Devs, team, VC's that dump the price. It is finished, immutable,

avatar YiiRHex 9 rated:

YiiRHex posted on August 26, 2020 13:34:45

Stake and forget 🚀😁.

Total and real Decentralized Finance.

Trustles interest. Stake 1. Day or Up to 5555 days.

Better than bitcoin and better than dollers

avatar cryptovince 8 rated:

cryptovince posted on August 26, 2020 13:16:13

I've been in crypto since 2017 and after all I've experienced, I have to say that Hex is a true gem. I'd venture to say that fundamentally it's even better than Bitcoin. You can earn interest, which is actually the coin's inflation, passively just by time-locking, or staking as some call it. I've used it since Day 1, for 9 months and it's worked flawlessly. I don't care

avatar somedude 22 rated:

somedude posted on August 26, 2020 12:59:49

I've been in the crypto space for over 7 years, invested in many projects and been involved with many crypto communities- HEX has been the best and most exciting project I've ever come across.

Trustless Interest
Strong/positive community
Completely finished product (unless promises on every other project)
Product works exactly how described

avatar Wrecktangle 8 rated:

Wrecktangle posted on August 26, 2020 12:58:58

HEX is by far the greatest opportunity for myself at financial freedom. 99% of all other cryptos sell you on their ideas, but dont even have a working product and ask you to fund their mission with the capital they raise. With HEX, you’re investing in a 100% completed product. The worlds first Certificate of Deposit on the blockchain. You stake HEX, you earn more HEX. Seeing that crypto’s, even

avatar Mat van 10 rated:

Mat van posted on August 26, 2020 12:53:08

I am earning HEX every day from the past 250 days. It works, it delivers its only promise, to pay more Hex if you stake.
It has 100% uptime and several websites that can run the code for staking, unstaking etc...

avatar brambles 23 rated:

brambles posted on August 26, 2020 12:52:42

The controversy over this coin is over hyped. Hex is a complete project with a simple function as a decentralized time deposit. Staking hex is a great alternative to trying to make money off of other people in the market. We should all remember that the whole crypto market should be focused on widening the use cases rather than the tribalism among different coins.

avatar johnny chaos 8 rated:

johnny chaos posted on August 26, 2020 12:52:39

Absolutely everything I ever wanted in a coin.
Trustless interest and store of value creating a passive income. You mint coins without the expensive purchase of equipment or electric bills eating your profit. Brilliant!!

avatar Firebun 9 rated:

Firebun posted on August 26, 2020 12:44:52

Why is HEX different:
1. You must lock tokens for a predetermined length to earn interest
2. More interest for locking longer or larger amounts of HEX
3. Chart of future supply - you can see when stakes are ending in the future that will mint new HEX into circulation.
4. Penalties for not fulfilling the specified staking contract to maturity
5. No admin keys - the

avatar Vodietsche 34 rated:

Vodietsche posted on August 26, 2020 12:34:47

It‘s the opposite of an ICO. Finished product with 3 audits. 2 code, 1 economics audit. (By CoinFabrik and Chain Security) Trustless interest from inflation, lock up your coins longer to get more interest. Best game theory. Read more at hex.com. You never give away your keys. This project is true DeFi. Highly recommended.

avatar nenad 44 rated:

nenad posted on August 23, 2020 09:44:20

HEX is a smart contract that does exactly what I was missing mostly in crypto: a trustless interest bearing instrument based on locking coins (or staking as it is called in crypto). Its use case is nominally that of "blockchain certificate of deposit", but in reality it is much more and much better than a boring bank product we all know.

The contract works flawlessly and the

avatar AdriaanBFB 3 rated:

AdriaanBFB posted on August 20, 2020 09:23:35

It walks like a scam, it talks like a scam, usually I would say, this must be a scam. And although I have zero interest in ever sending any money to Richard Heart, there is for a limited time also the option of getting free HEX. Everyone buying the token, should be aware that the money most likely is going to its founder, Richard.

Yet, it seems to be a working product in the realm of

avatar Crypto Grandma 10 rated:

Crypto Grandma posted on July 26, 2020 14:07:37

HEX is a NOT an ICO scam or ponzi. It is a finished immutable functional smart contract on the ethereum blockchain. It's main purpose is to mimic bank CDs=time lock deposits, which is a nearly $8 trillion market or the 2nd largest bank product. It's code encourages holding & staking. Inflation is fixed by code at yearly 3.69% which is paid as interest only to stakers and redeemed when end stake.

avatar Coach K 5 rated:

Coach K posted on January 12, 2020 18:56:53

I WISH I could give 0 stars. 100% a scam by Richard Heart!

All ETH has been moved out and exited. Everyone warned people not to invest but this one was obvious!

avatar kurtwuckertjr 68 rated:

kurtwuckertjr posted on December 30, 2019 13:12:21

This is a complete scam coin issued by a deliberate scammer and bad actor in the space. After building up community credit as a toxic BTC maximalist, Richard Heart created HEX in a way that should get him brought down for securities fraud eventually. I won't review it further, because there are ZERO redeeming qualities about this project.

avatar Crypto Anonymous 224 rated:

Crypto Anonymous posted on December 08, 2019 22:23:57

I read a lot of good arguments here in the reviews that rate this project at most "very poor"; and I agree with pretty much all! But there is even more that anyone should know that still is considering getting HEX token; What many don't know (because it is fairly well hidden information), is that there is an "Origin Address", which is an Ethereum address that will receive a big

avatar mistergrin 97 rated:

mistergrin posted on December 08, 2019 17:15:00

People are enriching Richard Heart's pockets by falling into greed. This is just like the ppl who knew Bitconnect was a ponzi but participated anyways... we all know what happened there. If you invest into this ponzi coin, you're part of the problem.

So far Richard has gotten >$3 million in ETH sent to the token address he likely controls.

Also, I don't care

avatar Dr. Doom 268 rated:

Dr. Doom posted on December 03, 2019 23:14:40

So this shady shitcoin finally launched and there has been a lot to do about it; Heart has been promoting it all and everywhere the last couple of weeks. Btw it is not called Bitcoin HEX anymore, just HEX. And indeed it is just an ERC20 token, just like all the rest of them, but somehow this is supposed to be better than Bitcoin! May I remind everyone that Mr. Heart previously was a bitcoin maximalist

avatar GlennHeartland 15 rated:

GlennHeartland posted on February 09, 2019 23:04:59

This is another shot coin that’s been built for pure profits. I had a look into the trans background and it looks like a pump and dump waiting to happen. I wouldn’t touch this one.

avatar Jason T. 111 rated:

Jason T. posted on February 05, 2019 12:21:36

Incredibly shady. Richard Heart used to hate on all altcoins with a superior smugness about him. And now he's created his own, ladies and gentlemen. Stay far away and don't give his tokenized version of Bitcoin any attention.

avatar Not the real Fiat Daily 133 rated:

Not the real Fiat Daily posted on January 29, 2019 20:55:35

I thought this guy Richard Heart was supposed to be a bitcoin maximalist type of guy. And now disappointing with creating his own coin that doesn't seem to have any underlying or fundamental or any technological value. This shitcoin has nothing whatsoever to do with bitcoin and better be avoided.

avatar stellarowl12 224 rated:

stellarowl12 posted on January 29, 2019 11:20:39

This is Richard Heart's shitcoin if you don't know him, just look him up on YouTube... also the basic gist of this is to give all Bitcoin holders an airdrop as an ERC20 token. But if you don't claim your BHX then they go into an unclaimed pool which gets distributed over time to all HODLers. Heart says that all the unclaimed ones like Satoshis or Mt. Gox funds wont be dumped on people in his coin.

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