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Insane Coin (INSN)

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avatar Crypto Bear 58 rated:

Crypto Bear posted on June 11, 2019 21:33:48

The .com domain is not active anymore, instead they moved to .network. For as far as I can see this project is more of a community thing (similar to Dogecoin) rather than a project that takes itself too seriously. The website makes proper disclaimers that nobody should expect anything from this project and that it is more about people that are "insane" about crypto. They didn't raise any

avatar elorin 4 rated:

elorin posted on June 10, 2019 01:58:10

Insane Coin (INSN) is communiy coin without ICO and has been arrond for 3 years, coins has slownly been developed and has strong network and alot of peoples who have been aboard since start. In this coin dosent matter is market up or down, coin will be around and starting admins will be around.

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