Netbox Global

Netbox Global (NBX)

 75% - 2 reviews
Get paid to surf! The first decentralized web browser with integrated blockchain node. Includes Netbox.Wallet, which is credited with rewards for browser usage!   
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avatar setyowahyudi77 12 rated:

setyowahyudi77 posted on February 06, 2020 11:53:19

Brave is a different concept altogether and cannot be compared with Netbox. Brave promises to pay you when you view an advertisement on their platform and that too is geo-specific. People have signed up and used Brave for months and haven't got any earnings due to this.

With NBX, you have nothing to lose, you simply use their browser and earn. For more details please feel free to read

avatar factatom 94 rated:

factatom posted on December 28, 2019 02:20:38

If I were to rate and review Netbox Global, I would say that they have a great working product, which is their Browser of course. Their roadmap is laid out clearly in their whitepaper so we can always expect progress in their ecosystem. About the team - I honestly don't know them that well, but they do play a vital role for future developments and will lead the project to wherever it will go.
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