Nollya Coin

Nollya Coin (NLYA)

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Fuel of smart e-commerce to allow the financial inclusion of the underbanked
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avatar CryptoBox 23 rated:

CryptoBox posted on April 21, 2019 09:49:14

The project seems like a good project right up until they say they use ERC-20 tokens as their technology framework.  Then, the projects becomes just another 2018 non-starter.

avatar Crypto Bear 58 rated:

Crypto Bear posted on April 04, 2019 09:43:16

Big nothing erc20 token! Very young project so very little information available to work with. Github account opened like last month, so nothing much to say about that. Project claims to be the solution for the unbanked in south america. Not any information is provided on how this standard ERC20 token is supposed to be uniquely positioned to achieve that noble mission.

No whitepaper:

"Our benefits": scalable, flexible and usable are also just buzz words with not any substance. "Big rewards for merchants" is presented as "zero cost transactions" (which is somewhat deceptive and again refers to an inherent characteristic of erc20 tokens. Further they claim 30 million potential customers in South America, without any explanation on where those customers are supposed to come from. 

Airdrop token and they seem to be doing an ICO later this year. Yet according to their own writing the token is already tradable via Coinjar and forkdelta, which seems odd for a project that is still going to do an ICO.

Long story short: this looks like one of the thousands cash grab erc20 tokens that try to bank on unknowledgeable people. The project doesn't seem to be planning to provide any substantial value that would be represented with the token, so paying money for this token doesn't seem the best decision.

avatar @luannguyen25 2 rated:

@luannguyen25 posted on April 03, 2019 11:12:54

I really believe in the project of nollya coin. They are very reputable in their support as well as full payment of coins. This project is very potential and can be developed in the future. They work transparently.

avatar nollyacoin 11 rated:

nollyacoin posted on April 03, 2019 10:45:47

Nollya Coin is a community driven cryptocurrency to engage p2p payments and loans. Focused market is Latin America where 50% of the population is underbanked.
ERC 20 token as being chosen as technology. Project is open to beta testers worldwide at

Also we are having a 100 NLYA airdrop here:

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