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Crypto trading tools that empowers individuals to receive daily passive income streams from High Frequency Trading and Arbitraging    
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avatar mistergrin 97 rated:

mistergrin posted on July 12, 2019 11:04:05

Welp, NovaChain completed their exit scam as of a few days ago. Many smaller YouTubers lost a ton of "money" that they were promised in Novachains "trading bot". Please please PLEASE follow your gut. Most trading bots that seem too good to be true, ARE TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Don't believe people like CryptoPafi below that try to sell you snake oil. Just invest in more legit projects

avatar Crypto Anonymous 224 rated:

Crypto Anonymous posted on March 12, 2019 00:47:26

First red flag: Arbitragebot!!! Come on people, anyone that has an active working arbitrage bot is not gonna share it with the public because profits that the edge the bot would have, would instantly disappear. Any sight that offers an arbitrage bot is just using that as disguise of their ponzi-like scam. Ofcourse there is never any LIVE proof given of such a bot actually existing and doing what it

Also, site includes "profits calculator" that are always designed to play on unsophisticated investor's greed and nothing else. Token is forcefully used as an excuse that it is needed to run the bot, but obviously that concept is very vague and we couldn't find the explanation, because the whitepaper is absent. Token is only available on their internal platform and on a shady exchange that has many more shady coins/tokens available. 

Please people wisen up and don't give your hard earned money to scammers!!

avatar Dr. Doom 268 rated:

Dr. Doom posted on March 12, 2019 00:36:41

Bitconnect but without MLM program. Just your average "lending" ("staking") platform and of course they have a trading bot that generates all the profits. No team, no whitepaper, so this smells so much to Bitconnect and its companions that any informed crypto investor should know well to avoid. Call themselves NovaChain, however, don't be fooled, the token is just another useless erc20 token. If I

avatar CryptoPafi 2 rated:

CryptoPafi posted on March 11, 2019 16:36:31

Hey guys, I am with Novachain since December 2017, they are the only project from my entire portfolio of ICOs (more than 70), that despite the fact they did not raise even 1 million USD, they survived the bear market, they did not scam as the others did, they continually followed the market and upgraded their portfolio of products, they delivered on all of their promises, they followed their roadmap

avatar Trader 2 rated:

Trader posted on March 11, 2019 14:24:41

This has been the best passive income platform that I have come across both in the crypto and non-crypto world. The developers have spent many sleepless days/nights over the last 13 months adapting their platform to survive the brutal crypto bear market. Despite low funds during the ICO phase they have continued to deliver amazing products that are both sustainable and focused for a longterm goal.

avatar CryptooSID 8 rated:

CryptooSID posted on March 11, 2019 10:41:47

So at first people will say I am FUDDING the platform and trying to make it look bad, but in all honesty this is one of those platforms which I have stuck around for a very long time, I was with them when their token symbol was NLC back in Feb or Mar of 2018 up until now. The reason they are SUPER SHADY ( scammers ) is quite simple.

Everything was going fine and I was selling a limited

The first thing I did was go to the Novachain telegram group and politely ask who can I talk to about an issue with my account as the site is telling me my account does not exist. I was soon directed by one of the admins to send him a pm which I did and he passed the details to the team and I sent in a support ticket as well. After a day I find out I am BANNED from the Novachain telegram group but at least I got access to my account and was really happy they resolved the issue, so I went on with my business and felt very lucky as I saw a buy order of $1 per nova token, so I quickly went and sold 400 tokens and got around 0.08 BTC, then I went to my wallet and made another request to withdraw this balance as well, hoping that in the next 12-24hrs I will receive the 2 withdrawal requests, but instead what I got was my account being blocked again( so I only got access to my account for an hour before it was blocked again ), this time I had to wait for a few days for them to fix it and when they did fix it, I was informed. So again I went and tried to log in, it would accept my username and password but on the 2fa my 2FA was not working, as one of the admins told me a day or two earlier than the devs tested everything on my account including the 2FA, so I thought it was an honest mistake and I simply sent in another support ticket and asked 2 admins of NOVA group to pass the message to devs to sort this issue and reset/remove the 2FA from my account so i can set it up again. It took them a total of 20+ days to give me access to my account again.

When I did FINALLY get my account, to my amazement the torture wasn't over, Nova support team tells me by email that I had a double deposit on my account and they have taken 4700 Nova tokens out of my account. Shocked and Angry, I go around to see if they have processed my BTC withdrawal at least but I cannot find it in the BTC wallet transactions, worried what happened to my 0.15-0.16 BTC, I go to the exchange page and in the transaction history, I see that somehow these transactions show up as Cancelled. IF THIS WAS NOT ENOUGH, I find out that somehow there is a $500 investment made into the REX bot on 28th of JAN 2019 ( When my account was blocked and only Devs had access to it ). At this point, I decide to audit my full account and go through all my transactions, from the exchange, bounty, novabox profits, NLC and find out that, I am indeed missing 5100 tokens from my account, so Nova support team is wrong about the double deposit.

Evidence and all workings done, I take my case to the support team by email and a few Devs by Telegram. Hoping they would go through my workings and see they are actually wrong and fix this issue, but instead of bothering to open the excel file and have a look, I get a response right away from them saying no I am wrong and they are right( In different words - Emails & conversations can be seen in my video ). 

After 2-3 attempts to talk and present my case to the support Team, Devs and the CEO of Novachain, the response I got was very sad and I realized very quickly that Novachain support, Dev or even the CEO DONT CARE about the investors at all and would rather ban the people having issues from their telegram group to show they are a great platform to new investors rather than look into the issue and fix it. 

So I decided to make a video on my channel to make everyone aware of the inner stuff which goes around NOVA CHAIN. Here is the link to my video, If I missed something here, it should be in the video.

The Reason I am doing this is, because I have heard people complain in the past and Admins say the people were cheating the system that is why they were banned but in reality what I understand now with my situation is that these people complaining about losing their account might actually be right and victims of Novachains SCAM, sadly they couldn't do much as they were just simple investors like majority of us and did not have a social presence for people to listen. So here I am spreading awareness about Nova Chains CENTRALIZED SCAM PLATFORM where they can steal from your account whenever and whatever they feel like without repercussions.

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