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One DEX describes itself as a multi blockchain exchange and offers decentralized hedging on the Ethereum, NEO, ESO and Tron blockchain   
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avatar Not the real Fiat Daily 133 rated:

Not the real Fiat Daily posted on March 05, 2019 07:08:58

I see that indeed the OneDEX website is unavailable. The project seems related to another project Onechain. As there wasn't any further information to find about One DEX, I went looking for what I could find about Onechain, here are the red flags:

Github: Only 80 contributions in the past year, but no activity since Sept 2018. 
Twitter: Last Tweet in Dec
Medium: last article in Dec 2018
One chain website: very bad loading and horrible interface. A lot of high performance claims made, but no technical details given (as the whitepaper is also unavailable; broken link)

Seems like a pretty dead project to me!

avatar Dr. Doom 268 rated:

Dr. Doom posted on April 20, 2019 23:10:05

No wonder that someone with the profile name ODEX is going to post a positive review about this project, smells a lot like conflict of interest and certainly not unbiased.

Website under maintenance so the service is unavailable, according to dappradar this EOS dapp has had 18 users in the last 7 days, 65 transactions and 30 EOS transaction volume, so nothing to write home about,

If someone can add some more relevant and credible information that adds to its credibility I might adjust my rating slightly, for now I will assume the worst.

avatar ODEX 7 rated:

ODEX posted on March 02, 2019 17:07:54

One DEX is a multi-blockchain exchange and decentralized hedging on Ethereum,  and  blockchains 

it is a real project transparent with its investors.

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