Project Shivom

Project Shivom (OMX)

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Genomics data discovery and analysis solutions at your fingertips powered by Blockchain and AI technology.     
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avatar bhe 4 rated:

bhe posted on December 05, 2019 17:48:55

Project Shivom is an extraordinary project. Because of this project, the development of technology and health is very good. I am sure that their ideas in the next development phase will be even better.

avatar factatom 86 rated:

factatom posted on November 20, 2019 01:22:08

Quick review, Shivom is building the largest genomic and health data hub on the blockchain. This would help us in terms of medical attention initially, but as time goes by, this promising project continues to extend deadlines and has not been able to meet the community's expectations. Though they are still continuing to develop slowly, I think they could still fulfill what they originally promised.

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