Pundi X

Pundi X (NPXS)

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Pundi X (NPXS) aims to make the use of cryptocurrency as a form of payment into a reality for retailers and consumers alike     
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avatar jenscrypto 8 rated:

jenscrypto posted on February 24, 2020 12:25:42

They have made great progress in the past few years. I think with BOB (the worlds first blockchain phone) they can really help make blockchain go mainstream. I will follow this project for a while.

avatar code 2 rated:

code posted on November 23, 2019 14:25:07

Solid project. Team is very transparent. Continuous adoption of their #XPOS is happening globally with major partnerships.Their Xphone is soon to be released and it is the world's first true blockchain phone. This is a sleeping giant.

avatar Magish 2 rated:

Magish posted on November 18, 2019 13:50:22

Pundi X is a Global FinTech company whose aim is to make digital currencies more accessible to those who are under-banked, and in the process, improving the value of the cryptocurrencies that are used. The four products they have are Xpos - point of sale machine, Xwallet - a digital wallet for storing currencies, Xpass - a digital asset debit card that can be linked to Xwallet, and BOB (BLOK on BLOK)

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