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TRON (TRX) was founded in 2017 by Justin Sun through a Singapore-based non-profit called the Tron Foundation     
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avatar Wappie 20 rated:

Wappie posted on November 18, 2019 06:31:01

Another scam.
Sooner, rather then later it will go to zero.
Why are people investing money in crap like tron?
Because they are very naive. Believing everything they are being told.
If only you take a quick look at tron you will see it is very bad.
If only people did their research. Maybe still living in unicorn land?

avatar cryptob@e 4 rated:

cryptob@e posted on November 16, 2019 23:59:48

Great upgrade to make the blockchain faster than ever. Keep it up Tron team. Now many apps can function better than ever making it more easier and interesting for the community

avatar Chriss 27 rated:

Chriss posted on October 29, 2019 16:19:07

It is sad to see that too many scams appear and disappear so quickly on the TRON TRX network.

People who steal from members say "change of smart contact, your investment is lost, you have to invest again" and in addition, members get pigeon-holed 2-3 times, and they have invested thousands of TRXs in shovel scams...

avatar kurtwuckertjr 68 rated:

kurtwuckertjr posted on October 28, 2019 21:38:18

A broken chain governed by a shifty company run by a blatant scammer. TRX is all flash and no substance. It’s redundant and bland except for the criminally narcissistic behavior of Justin Sun.

avatar shillingthemsoftly 19 rated:

shillingthemsoftly posted on October 27, 2019 22:01:50

Justin Sun—Darth Shillious, he is the biggest TRX evangelist which makes sense given that he is their Chief Shilling Officer. He is their founder who essentially propagates his own fake news about TRX in order to pump the market. TRX could maybe have some potential but with the lack of maturity, Justin Sun, and overall shadiness of TRX dapps. Hard Nope....

avatar mistergrin 97 rated:

mistergrin posted on April 30, 2019 17:33:31

Really not a fan of Tron since its inception all the way to present day. They plagiarized a bunch of stuff for the project and their marketing is incredibly disingenuous. Their CEO Justin Sun is the scum of crypto with his hype/buzz filled marketing. That's the LAST thing we need in crypto after the long crypto winter.

Recently Justin Sun tweeted about a "Liverpool partnership"

avatar CptofIndustry 44 rated:

CptofIndustry posted on February 08, 2019 19:21:53

There are many 3rd party reviews of the code base of Tron and from what I can gather is this project is a money grab that is more about marketing than value creation.
Overpromises, lies and shady business deals surround this project. Often where there is smoke there is fire.

avatar stellarowl12 224 rated:

stellarowl12 posted on January 30, 2019 11:40:22

On the one hand, Tron is super active and trying to find mainstream adoption use cases in crypto. On the other hand, their CEO Justin Sun shills like no other, bought BitTorrent with Tron proceeds, and has been accused of engaging in a Pump and Dump scheme with Binance.... There are better projects out there that are Tron competitors imho.

avatar Dr. Doom 268 rated:

Dr. Doom posted on April 20, 2019 23:15:27

Super centralized project with slick marketing CEO Justin Sun. It's all about hype and moon talk about the price. In the development phase they have been caught plagiarizing their whitepaper and source code (without proper citations). Tron is all about making Justin Sun very rich, not necessarily token holders. So I wouldn’t say they are an outright scam because they do work to make an eco system

avatar Crypto Anonymous 224 rated:

Crypto Anonymous posted on October 17, 2018 05:04:16

Uses deceitful marketing techniques and tries to overhype prices in order to lure uneducated retail investors. Don't know much about the technical side of this project, which could perhaps give it some legitimacy, but as far as I'm concerned, completely disqualifying based on marketing tricks.

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