UpStake Token

UpStake Token (UPDC)

 67% - 9 reviews
UpStake tokens (UPS) are designed to increase in value over time
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avatar Gromit 2 rated:

Gromit posted on October 17, 2019 15:05:05

Is only ICO that has come through for me and succeeded in last 2 years. The info is excellent and they are always willing to help both on telegram and email. I’ve sold a few times and withdrawn but would rather hold as it will only ever go up whoop whoop. I've also played on their casino Moolah and it’s great, can earn more UPDC and TRX and withdraw daily, so congrats to the team and I look forward

avatar Cryptod 2 rated:

Cryptod posted on October 16, 2019 17:44:17

I've followed and invested in a lot of crypto projects. I can tell you that a vast majority of them wind up doing absolutely nothing. UPDC has actually put out a platform, expanded the exchange functionality, and released a supportive dApp (Moolah) which utilizes their main token as a utility. This will continue to drive and grow liquidity. In addition to the Moolah dApp the team has stated that

avatar Desperado 6 rated:

Desperado posted on October 16, 2019 17:27:17

UpStake is taking the Crypto world to the next Generation. This TRC20 token is going to be as big as BTC. Will be one of the most versatile cryptos with Moolah Casino and gaming. This is the one we have all been waiting for. This token is a rise only token. The longer u wait to invest, the more it will cost. Don't get left behind

avatar Sportsfan7 2 rated:

Sportsfan7 posted on October 16, 2019 17:18:50

Good and hard working developers team, the project has been going for a long time and has a clear vision of what needs to be done. The project has been in constant development since its inception.

avatar Mike 2 rated:

Mike posted on October 16, 2019 17:13:30

Been with updc from the start, everything they promise they deliver, and they have only begun. Liquidity and volume are key, and even that is being attained.

avatar Dr. Doom 268 rated:

Dr. Doom posted on October 15, 2019 21:47:37

First and foremost: this project runs an MLM model, which in my books is a major red flag and immediate full stop! Then the team is completely anonymous so we have no idea who is behind the development. This might be acceptable, in so far that we also don't know who Satoshi is, BUT at least for decentralized projects such as bitcoin, the current developers do not have "fear" for their association

avatar bullish 68 rated:

bullish posted on October 15, 2019 02:19:20

Pure scam, promises that their coins will be worth a certain amount of $ as time goes on. Team is nowhere to be found. This is eerily reminiscent of Bitconnect and other related ponzi schemes.

Just google "Upstake scam" and you'll find multiple users saying that they deposited BTC and wasn't able to withdraw at all. That's because their internal exchange is closed

avatar cryptob@e 4 rated:

cryptob@e posted on October 15, 2019 17:08:31

UpStake is so far the best crypto project with a dedicated team that always delivers. So far they made good progress. They have partner up with Moolahbet, which is now live and currently buying back from the UpStake exchange. But this is just the beginning, more things planned ahead to ensure full adoption. Moolahbet is now ranked No.3, soon to be No. 1 on TronDapp ( Check it out at

avatar mistergrin 97 rated:

mistergrin posted on August 04, 2019 23:39:52

OK Upstake Token is definitely a sophisticated looking scam. Here's a post on BitcoinTalk outlining why:

But in short, it's a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP). They GUARANTEE the price of their coin increasing hourly (quoted from their site) --- this is a HUGE red flag. Besides that, it includes so much language about "profits"

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