Verus Coin

Verus Coin (VRSC)

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The official twitter page of the Verus Project, currently listed , , and .   
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avatar mining spec 4 rated:

mining spec posted on February 02, 2020 22:39:30

Very impressive technology and I really like the fact its mining is equalized across all hardware types. They even are testing merged-mining and staking with up to 15 blockchains at the same time.

avatar noteshi 20 rated:

noteshi posted on December 12, 2019 13:36:56

Came across this project only a few weeks ago due to watching a Voskcoin mining review. It’s really good to see enthusiastic members of the community and team showing really good signs of development. The POW algorithm is focused towards CPU friendliness, although there is plenty of interest in GPU / FPGA mining too. The community is very vocal and helpful and the split with 50/50 POW / POS from

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