Voytek Bear Coin

Voytek Bear Coin (BEAR)

 86% - 7 reviews
Voytek BEAR is designed to reduce euthanasia of homeless pets through providing blockchain solutions, win-win investing strategy and fundraising platform  
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avatar Voytek 11 rated:

Voytek posted on June 03, 2019 08:49:46

@Fiat Daily
Almost every coin "printing money" because have block rewards/pos/pow/dpos/ or whatever... I don't understand topic about "printing money" because that is almost every coin feature... BTC, LTC, DASH, PIVX and almost everything else "printing money" as well. A lot of coins exist also for something - not only for itself as blockchain technology or concept.

avatar Not the real Fiat Daily 133 rated:

Not the real Fiat Daily posted on May 31, 2019 14:10:32

This project has been forked from a project called SolaceCoin which was abandoned not once, but twice after enormous sh*tshow. And now it has been picked up and continued as BEAR. Yet another money printing scheme trying to appeal to people based on charity. Also the shill reviews suggest that as well. Github only activity was 6 months ago, so spare me the active development. Roadmap is laughable and

avatar EveFromDiscord 2 rated:

EveFromDiscord posted on May 21, 2019 10:38:11

It was great to see a dead project come to live with help of Voytek BEAR dev. I joined when i had just few hundred solace, but now i even have couple Voytek BEAR masternodes. Help and Trust Voytek BEAR shows, it gives confidence to have more COINS and for better future returns. Also they aim to do ANIMAL CHARITY in next phase. This will even give chance to do some good cause. I see very bright future

avatar ImAsh 6 rated:

ImAsh posted on May 21, 2019 09:03:08

A lot work to do yet, but Proof of Authority algo with a non-profit organizations cooperation is fresh and interesting concept. Team is experienced in financial industry and developing win-win strategy between masternode investors and non-profit organizations. BEAR isn't charity coin but will be helping animals throught NGOs cooperation. No ICO, no presale. Here is full story about beginnings:

avatar Mirror 6 rated:

Mirror posted on May 21, 2019 08:11:37

Legit Development team with constant updates on roadmaps and milestones. Very transparent tokenomics , all decision making is made by public votes in the discord. (E.g. initial forking decision from solace, usage of unclaimed initial tokens). Up-time for the network is excellent, with staking and masternodes functioning as expected. The project's goal is to enable animal charity/shelters. Community

avatar NoreiThe 4 rated:

NoreiThe posted on May 21, 2019 04:58:40

If you wanna help great idea project to grow, BEAR is right direction to look. With this project you can get great project with interesting roadmap with new non-seen things. Whole project started with fork of basically dead Solace coin project and currently already migrated to different chain. Next stop is getting to API enabled exchange for people to be able to work with their coins better. Looking

avatar mntsp 4 rated:

mntsp posted on May 21, 2019 03:51:22

After SolaceCoin's death, the Voytek BEAR dev forked it and save the community. Developers and the community are now very active. Public-fund are transparent, there is no possibility of fraud. The roadmap is very good and progressing well. I recommend this coin.

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