llifycoin (LFC)

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llifycoin is digital money you can spend online. Use llifycoin to make instant and private payments online or us trades around the world.
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avatar stellarowl12 224 rated:

stellarowl12 posted on October 01, 2019 14:20:39

I really prefer not to hate on "hobby" coins and rain on their parade, but for this one I feel the need to warn people about.

This is a WAVES token and it's really hard to find info about them. I can't find info about their team nor do they have a white-paper readily available. Their website straight up just includes a couple of paragraphs and then has a "Buy"

avatar nanda 2 rated:

nanda posted on September 29, 2019 22:45:20

One of the best altcoins created in 2018 that's also featured in the market - llifycoin (lfc). As its name suggests, it has emerged to be “lightweight” and aims to make the transaction process faster.

avatar edinho 8 rated:

edinho posted on September 29, 2019 21:18:38

llifycoin (lfc), launched in October 2018, is a global decentralized digital currency based on blockchain technology. You can use this currency also to send money to your friends!

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