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avatar Crypto Bear 50 rated: June 14, 2019 13:15:14

The concept of this token is that it is a share in a crypto fund existing of a portfolio of the top 20 coins that is regularly rebalanced, the value of the token should then be near the value of the balance of the portfolio. THrough a smart contract the portfolio value of the token can also be converted in Ether to cash out (keep in mind that the available balance for conversion would be limited, so in case of a "bank run" on the fund, problems for withdrawal might occur). THe team is visible and seems legit so I am confident that it is not their intention to scam their investors, but of course their is risk involved, such as that the team is fully responsible for the security of the portfolio so that is definitely a single point of failure to be aware of. So as long as the team doesn't run away with the funds or get hacked, it should be fine. Good thing is that it is quite the simple way to get in and out of exposure to the complete top 20. No coin is supposed to be more than 10% of the portfolio value, and so be aware that 90% of the pprtfolio is altcoin exposure and only 10% bitcoin. I am confident about the team, but beware of some of the specific risks involved with this token. Alternatively you could get similar results by using HODL bot for example on Binance that will also manage and rebalance a top 20 portfolio automatically, you will have more personal control over the security of your funds (and more responsibility) as long as Binance doesn't go down, besides that, such a bot comes with its own cost as well.

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Percent change (24H):1.60 %
Percent change (1H):0.26 %
Market Cap (USD):$ 25,345,436.42
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