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avatar bullish 68

bullish posted on January 22, 2020 13:18:50

Just posted my first non-video post on LBRY and found it rather basic in terms of UI/UX. Reminds me of the early days of Steemit and it's a bit of a turn off...

I also did some simple testing, like attempting to watch the supposedly trending videos, many of which didn't load properly.

May check it out again in a few months.


realelonmusk posted on January 14, 2020 16:40:36

LBRY is pretty good as a decentralized competitor to YouTube. Their website looks clean although I prefer YouTube's layout more where I can straight up dive into interesting content immediately even if I'm not logged in and it's not personalized. I definitely think they have potential, they just have to get more creators on and get more volume of interesting videos. I tried their YouTu

avatar cryptomole 2782

cryptomole posted on January 10, 2020 16:04:54

I love LBRY. It is open-source, censorship-resistant, already with multiple crypto content creators that I know from YouTube. Also, the app allows me to earn $LBC for my interactions on the platform. :)


niisackey101 posted on January 09, 2020 15:28:15

Awesome product. YouTube finally has a serious competitor...

Let's go LBRY! Publish content and earn rewards. Watch other creators' content and earn more rewards. Use special reward codes to redeem more rewards. Earn greater rewards by simply enjoying what you love to watch online.

avatar Brodie 4

Brodie posted on January 03, 2020 01:59:54

The YouTube sync process was pretty much flawless when I used it, it took a few days for the sync to occur and the after that my content was perfectly on most days. However, the only reason I'm not giving it a 5 star rating is because there have been plenty of times where the sync just didn't work for 2 - 3 days. It's not a big issue if you don't upload regularly but I do daily upl

avatar Ceoger 3

Ceoger posted on January 03, 2020 01:52:04

The youtube sync is super helpful, helped me transfer my complete channel on LBRY and got to earn some LBCs. These guys are really doing some hard work that makes it seem like magic on the platform. I really love how the team is focused on building such a wonderful platform to promote free speech.

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