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seb2point0 posted on January 31, 2020 02:48:53

Pepo is a great example of how crypto can be leveraged to create products for people!

Pepo is a place where people share short video updates and “tokens” of appreciation. When you want to show your appreciation for content on Pepo - forget a boring like button - you can spread Pepo coins instead!

The team is building all kinds of cool incentive mechanisms which


mistergrin posted on December 26, 2019 13:25:21

I'm a huge fan of Pepo. I've made about 10 videos so far on their platform. The team is really good at rolling out new features as well after they talk to users and make sure that the new features are hitting at the core of what we desire. There are a handful of content creators on Pepo that I really like and follow. Several of the other creators put out pretty spammy content... but I know

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