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A twitter interface powered by Bitcoin SV 

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stellarowl12 posted on January 09, 2020 23:08:57

I like Twetch, it's pretty self-explanatory, it's like a tokenized Twitter. Every action has a corresponding micro-payment associated it. You either have to spend a few cents to take an action - post, follow, like, etc. OR you receive a few cents if other people comment, like, or follow your content. Everyone is a publisher and can get rewarded for good content.

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kurtwuckertjr posted on December 30, 2019 14:07:24

Twetch is the premier social media app built on the BSV blockchain. All of the data and executions within the interface are powered by transactions within a sort of virtual computer running on top of bitcoin, so there is no central point of failure. The interface allows for permanence and time-stamping of tweets, or it can be used stand-alone within its own ecosystem.

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