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avatar onewdmoney 3 rated: July 16, 2019 20:49:56

The Dibcoin project is definitely dead. It's not on any exchanges. I believe it wasn't totally honest from the beginning.
The Dibcoin has reincarnated as Maya Preferred 223. mapr token on the ETC network.
Some related folk are behind it and the concepts are VERY similar.
This is a scam token . BE W A R N E D !

here is proof: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5126836.new#new

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avatar Jason T. 109 rated: March 13, 2019 12:44:31

Is this project still alive? Scroll down just a bit on their website and they have reports of a hack that happened 2 years ago. Seems like they had a plan to counter the hack but no updates on their site since then. Their whitepaper is literally 1 page, no info about their team, Github hasn't been updated for years... RED FLAGS galore! 

1 interesting thing though is that their Twitter is still being operated by someone. Most of their tweets are just retweets of popular crypto figures but they did say the "court process" for reclaiming their hacked funds is long and drawn out and to be patient because they haven't given up hope lol. Sounds like they are typing that from their private island they got from their exit scam lol.

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avatar Dr. Doom 209 rated: March 13, 2019 07:40:13

This is the Dibcoin that is mentioned in another review about RXsmartcoffee (link can be found on their github). In 2017 was the last activity on github. Apparently this is supposed to be some security token that should be used to acquire penny stock companies. Completely illegal security as far as I can see. Strangely enough you can read on their website about the suspension that one of the companies behind this received by the SEC. Furthermore another article is posted about some major "hack" that occured (smells a lot like the exit strategy, haven't seen the fire, but there is a lot of smoke). According to the article the "hack" resulted in a major dump on exchanges. It is my guess this shady project is already in or after the final stages of termination.

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