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ghezat posted on November 13, 2019 16:06:36

DASH is a giant without legs. A project with a lot of marketing power. It has no differentiating purpose than the majority of coins out there - the famous "to pay for goods and services". They finance projects that benefit their own project. But they don't improve anything else externally. An immense mass of capital that only stays in the same place. In South America, flocks of promoters go from commerce to commerce, promoting and paying even thousands of dollars to accept DASH in their businesses. I ask you to consider, an asset created with a true seed, with a strong incentive structure, would this be done? The answer is no. I have not yet seen someone offer money to accept bitcoin. In fact, in my opinion, DASH' methods are unethical. It is a cryptoasset managed by people who only want the world to talk about DASH. In the end it is only one more asset to the fire of volatility. It is not responsible to recommend merchants to use such coins. They only rely on high liquidity. I've seen markets with more years and much bigger market cap collapse in seconds. In this industry the elliptical algorithm of birth, development, and death is based on purpose. If this is not achieved, the asset is destined to die. On the other hand it is full of very capable and committed people since they have managed to make this project an icon.

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kurtwuckertjr posted on October 28, 2019 21:23:35

Dash gets criticized for some of the shady stuff about the founding “instamine.” I used to be in that camp, but I have changed my tune. Dash is actually a well developed, thoughtfully executed project that rose out of the bitcoin scaling war. Back when people thought Satoshi’s vision was dead because of bad actors and bad governance, Dash created a hard fork with a lot of unique characteristics, including its self-funding and self-governance model.

Giving credit where it’s due, if the project was a scam, as it seemed like it might be early on, it would have happened already. In reality, Dash really has blazed a trail, and it shows in the nature of its adoption in exploited economies.

Now, I don’t think Dash is perfect. The masternode governance system has its own unique attack vectors, and it may have its own scaling issues as well as well as missed deadlines for upgrades and some bumps in the road, but Dash deserves credit.

It is a serious project with serious people working on unique ideas, and that’s a rarity in a space full of broken promises and blatant scammers.


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