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avatar Fiat Daily 97 rated: March 11, 2019 09:50:04

Disclaimer: I did not do full research on this project, because the red flags on the website urged me to not spend any more time on yet another "bitcoin but then better, I print my own money" coin. 

  • no whitepaper available on website, not even any explanation about the project other than just your average bitcoin competitor.
  • no visible team aka the team page link is broken
  • No github link on website, though they do have their project there.
  • First sentence of the github readme: "DeiMos (DEI) is a descentralized global blockchain with a focus on mars colonization and space exploration." (is this a joke? Plus: no further explanations given about this concept)
Apparently the coin is not an ico or premine or anything like that, so that could be seen as a positive, that prevents me from giving it a super shady


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