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avatar Crypto Anonymous 186 rated: January 03, 2019 23:37:14

This is actually a confirmed scam with 99% probability. This project was supposed to be backed by gold and have its own mining operation. Founders even suggested that they knew Satoshi and were actively in contact with him! Top directors have been involved with brokers that have received penalties for violations by FINRA. Lots of promises; no delivery. Very elaborated scam! They were able to fool Ronnie Moas into believing and endorsing the project! Ronnie Moas is an influencer and reputable analyst that has appeared on TV often. Recently he has called out DIG as a scam and is in the process of trying to get the ringleaders punished by legal action. On his Twitter is a lot of his research available.

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Price (USD):$ 0.005892
Market Cap (USD):$ 3,081,725.65
24h Volume:$ 132,033.86

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