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avatar alllld 4 rated: August 18, 2019 10:44:19

I just started to invest in crypto currency , I don't know or even understand about crypto currency, one thing I do know lots of people do talk about Doge coin.(Dogecoin might be my fav cryptocurrency. It's pretty cool.) This was the very( Elon musk ) on Twitter if doge is cool to Elon well this coin is a no brainier I am all in, take me to the moon

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avatar Fiat Daily 109 rated: August 14, 2019 23:15:15

The coin that started out as a joke/meme coin. Famously known for its dog mascot logo. Under normal circumstances I would categorize this coin at least as leaning shady. However this coin has established itself -through a substantial track record of existence, as it has been around since the early crypto days, launched as grass roots and no ICO or otherwise shady financing. Also it has built up a strong and loyal community that heavily support this coin. Very low risk of exit scam or anything like that; this coin will probably not disappear so easily as many others have and there is virtually no risk of trouble with the SEC or whatever. Recent Binance listing should also support liquidity and availability for this coin.

However, since 2017 it seems development (in Github) has stagnated a lot compared to the years prior, which seems a bit worrying.
Also, the DOGE trading charts show a peculiar pattern of MULTIPLE quite extreme price pumps, inevitably followed rapid declining prices, not sure what to think about that and whether or not there is a repeated pump n dump scheme going on. No evidence however, so let's just keep it at that those patterns look kinda weird.

Overall, I think I have more confidence in DOGEcoin than 99% of other coins out there, just be extra careful when you are looking at buying DOGE during one of those extreme hockeystick price rallies.

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avatar jim530 21 rated: April 12, 2019 01:21:32

Does what a coin should made me no promises it did not keep. Many people do not understand that most coins and tokens are little more than a copy of open source code with a few variables changed. The cause, and the community are what will make the largest difference. There is some development competition to create user friendly applications and a few actually trying to write new code for coins but most everything is layered on top of the same few foundations and can be used with basic command codes if you know how to actually use a computer effectively(unlike myself).   I like how Dogecoin has attempted to exemplify this to some extent.

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avatar 38mSRnyzBSXYkaGH4rVCKsnva 12 rated: February 08, 2019 11:18:34

Doge is a good boy! Doge is a good boy! Doge is a good boy! Doge is a good boy! Doge is a good boy! Doge is a good boy! Doge is a good boy! Doge is a good boy! Very wow, much coin.

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avatar opti 5 rated: February 08, 2019 06:43:18

As everyone already mentioned DOGE pretty much started as a joke but it quickly evolved into a reputable cryptocurrency. Also the community about DOGE is really great and helpful.

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avatar Crypto Chick 50 rated: January 29, 2019 11:03:10

I like this coin a lot! The DOGE community is so light hearted and full of good vibes. They also raised funds in DOGE and have donated it to causes they have cared about in the past. Even though it's not really under active development anymore compared to other projects I still like it as long as you don't try to compare it to Ethereum or other more serious ones ;)

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avatar Dr. Doom 209 rated: December 16, 2018 22:56:46

It started with a joke…. But it became serious business. Eventhough the founder of Doge is perceived to be a shady figure, the Doge has a substantial track record and a large, loyal following. Although Doge is not the most serious project, I wouldn’t personally qualify it as a scam tbh, certainly not on the scale at which real scams are infecting the crypto space. Not a scam at all in my eyes, but I wouldn’t invest my life savings in it either. Just my 2 sats.

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avatar Crypto Anonymous 188 rated: October 17, 2018 05:02:28

This coin has such a long track record and acceptance in the broader crypto community and being part of the early beginnings of crypto, that even though it might have started out as a joke (of which everybody was fully aware), it has certainly reached a level of legitimacy, at least far more than 95% of all other coins!

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Market Cap (USD):$ 327,380,857.55
24h Volume:$ 22,767,592.33

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